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7 Signs That Show Poor Scalp Health

Your scalp is the organ that grows hair and it should be healthy to grow hair proper. There are some important signs that show your scalp is facing tr...

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Hair Transplantation’s History

People were used to developing baldness for a long time but it was not until the twentieth century when doctors and surgeons started serious attempts ...

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Flying to Dubai for a Hair Transplant?

Some cities attract a large number of medical tourists and Dubai is one of them. A large number of people who visit this city often undergo cosmetic t...

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When Can A Hair Transplant Fail?

Millions undergo hair restoration treatments every year to restore hair growth naturally. A hair transplant is a safe and effective hair restoration m...

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Grafts Required For Crown Hair Transplant

Among people who develop baldness, most experience it on crown area of the head. Actually, different people have different levels of crown area baldne...

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Check This In Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Restoring hair growth naturally on thin or bald areas is not child’s play. Only a qualified and experienced professional can do it according to your...

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