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Gone are the days when hair transplant was used to be a hectic procedure. FUE, the latest technology in hair transplant ensures your hair get transplanted easily. PRP and ACell therapy can enhance the results of this treatment. This page discusses how hair transplant with ACell PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is a good option for hair restoration.

If you have bald areas or you have already lost a large number of hairs, this topic is for you.

ACell PRP Hair Transplant

ACell and PRP therapy are two important minimally liquids having growth factors that are often used to trigger hair growth. This technique could be combined with a hair transplant to get the best possible results. Continue reading to know more about hair transplant with ACell PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


You are a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • Your hair loss has stopped.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have bald areas on the scalp.
  • You want to get good hair volume.
100% Financing
100% Financing


The hair transplant with ACell PRP in Dubai & Abu Dhabi aims at achieving the following goals:


The steps for FUE hair transplant and ACell PRP therapy have been elaborated below:

Steps for ACell PRP Therapy:

  • Step 1: Blood Withdrawal: In the start, a professional will draw blood from the same person’s body to obtain PRP and PPP.
  • Step 2: Spinning of Blood: The blood will now be centrifuged in a special device to separate red blood cells and platelet-rich plasma.
  • Step 3: Combining ACell and PRP: It is now time to combine platelet-rich plasma’s nutrient dense and matristem technology of ACell.
  • Step 4: Topical Anesthesia: Now, the professional will administer local anesthesia to avoid pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  • Step 5: Injections and Microneedling: PRP/ACell will be injected into the scalp using a syringe. It would be followed by microneedling to further enhance the results.

Steps for FUE Hair Transplant:

  • Step 1: Donor Area Shaving: The hair donor area will be shaved to extract follicular units carefully.
  • Step 2: Recipient Area Marking: The recipient area will be marked as per the requirements of the patient.
  • Step 3: Donor Site Anesthesia: Before the extraction of follicular units, local anesthesia will be administered to avoid pain or discomfort.
  • Step 4: Follicular Units Extraction: It is now time to extract follicular units carefully.
  • Step 5: Hair Follicle Trimming: The follicular units extracted from the donor site will be prepared to prepare for the recipient area transplant.
  • Step 6: Recipient Site Anesthesia: The donor site will now be numbed to avoid pain and discomfort during the transplantation process.
  • Step 7: Follicular Unites Insertion: To conclude the procedure, the surgeon will carefully insert each graft individually into the incisions at the donor area.
100% Financing
100% Financing


When ACell PRP therapy and hair transplants are combined, amazing things happen. Let’s go through some promising benefits of this wonderful combination:

  • This procedure involves minimal downtime and recovery period.
  • Both men and women can equally benefit from these techniques.
  • The success rate for these hair restoration techniques is quite high.
  • The combination of these techniques delivers thicker and fuller hair.
  • The combination of this technique is offered at a reasonable rate.
  • ACell and PRP therapy are non-surgical but minimally invasive options.
  • Once successfully done, any further maintenance would not be required.
  • An expert ensures a short recovery time and minimal risk of complications.
  • Hair transplant requires cuts but there are no major health risks and side effects.


In the case of ACell and PRP therapy, the person does not need to do much afterward. However, when hair transplant is performed, the person has to take some time off work and take proper rest.

Here are some guidelines to follow after having a hair transplant with ACell PRP:

  • After ACell PRP therapy, the person can continue routine activities.
  • After a hair transplant, rest for some days is recommended to recover well.
  • Do not forget to report to your surgeon if you experience any unusual thing.
  • During the recovery period, the scalp may feel sore and there can be some pain.
  • The pain and discomfort can be avoided by taking prescribed painkiller medicines.

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