100% Financing With 0% Interest

The Patients Dilemma

There comes a time in our life when it seems that everything has just stopped. It often happens when the presence of a hurdle on the way make us unable to achieve an important goal. The same situation applies to the financial constraints when we plan to take a cosmetic procedure.

The Journey Towards Perfection

It is true that some cosmetic procedures are expensive. Due to the advancement in the medical world, the hair transplant is no longer a costly procedure. Moreover, it is now easier and safer than ever. Mean to say, now is the best time to regain your lost hair; and that too in installments.

Financing Options for Patients

Once again, the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is here with a remarkable offer for its valued patients. We can help you quickly secure a fully-funded treatment loan. Moreover, the best part is; you will be able to pay back in easy monthly installments.

How Does Financing Process Work?

From the idea to reality and after, this whole loan matter is easy to understand. All you need is to have a credit card from one of the following banks;

  • First Gulf Bank
  • National Bank Abu Dhabi

If you already have a credit card from the banks mentioned above, you are good to go. Just fill in the short free online consultation form on this page, and walk in the clinic at the time of the appointment:

  • Swipe your credit card
  • Have the surgery of choice
  • Come out with the hair you need

You do not have to pay if you decide not to have a treatment during the consultation session. Before you spend through credit card, it would be good to consult your bank about the financing plan. This treatment financing plan can be of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months long. The best part is;

  • There are no hidden charges.
  • You need not pay any amount in advance.
  • There will be no interest on such financing.

Terms and Conditions

Mashreq Bank

  • 0% EPP if the life of the loan is 3, 6 or 9 months.
  • 0% EPP if you make purchases of AED 3,000 & above.

Emirates NBD

  • 0% EPP purchases of AED 1,000 & above.
  • Six months loan tenure in case of 0% EPP

Ready for the Treatment Now?

Are you in? Look, you have already made your mind for the hair transplant, right? You just needed some financial support, which we have arranged for you. So your journey towards the completeness starts here!

You have Nothing to Lose!

  • You pay nothing in the beginning.
  • The Loan approval process is quick.
  • You pay no extra amount (interest).
  • You pay in easy monthly installments.
  • You start paying one month after the treatment.

It is a Win-Win Situation

You pay the same amount we charge to the person who pays the full price in advance. You get the treatment of your choice without spending money. It is the best deal that you can ever get. Plus, we do not misguide the patient. There are no hidden charges.

So contact the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic now by filling the short form on this page.


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