Stem Cell Hair Transplant, also known as the Direct Automated FUE, is an advanced Follicular Unit Extraction method. It is the safest, most efficient, and effective form of non-surgical hair transplant to date. Generally, this procedure uses a specially designed automated tool for hair follicle extraction. This tool works like a manual punch machine used in traditional FUE but faster. Our clinic is one of the few clinics offering Stem Cell Hair Restoration in Dubai.


Are You A Candidate:

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Dubai is an ideal option for people seeking the fastest hair transplant technique. It involves minimal downtime and recovery time. Although only an expert hair transplant surgeon can determine a patient’s candidacy, some general pre-requisites are as under:

  • Sufficient Donor Hair: The primary purpose of stem cells is transplanting a maximum number of hair grafts in minimal time. Therefore, patients must have sufficient donor hair supply. If they don’t have enough hair on the head, stem cell allows harvesting donor grafts from the body. The most common donor region besides the head is the chest area.
  • Tight Scalp: If a patient has a tight scalp, FUT may not be possible. In this case, they can choose between traditional FUE and Stem Cell FUE.
  • Patients’ Age: Doctors do not recommend hair transplant surgery for individuals aging 25 years or less.
  • Non-Progressive Hair Loss: Patients’ hair loss must not be progressive in order to be a candidate for Stem Cell Transplant.

FAQs for Stem Cell Hair Transplant 

What are stem cell therapy for hair loss side effects?

Some risks are associated with stem cell FUE hair transplant but most of these are only temporary and subside on their own. Some common side effects include anesthesia risks, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, scarring, infection, bleeding, bruising, swelling, inflammation, and temporary hair loss.

What are stem cell hair transplant results?

A stem cell FUE hair transplant has proved to be quite beneficial for hair loss in men and women both. The results start showing after a few months but once they appear you will notice a well-defined hairline with natural-looking and dense hair.

What is stem cell hair transplant cost in Dubai?

The stem cell FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai varies from person to person depending upon the number of grafts required, the surgeon's experience, and the geographic location of the provider. The cost is determined per graft with one graft costing around 10-12 AED.

What is stem cell hair transplant recovery time?

The initial recovery time of a stem cell FUE hair transplant is 1-2 Weeks. However, it takes several months before the hair regrowth and before that, the transplanted hair will shed. Moreover, it takes up to a year for the complete results to become noticeable.


Stem Cell Hair Transplant aims to:

  • help patients regain a fuller head of hair
  • offer a suitable option for those seeking eyebrow, eyelash, mustache, or beard hair transplant
  • transplant the maximum number of grafts, i.e., up to 4000 grafts
  • give the best results with minimal downtime and recovery period

Other Techniques Available:

Numerous techniques are used for performing Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant. These include:

100% Financing
100% Financing

Preparing for Stem Cell Transplant

Like any other treatment, pre-procedural care matters a lot when it comes to a Stem Cell Hair Treatment. Follow the below-given tips to get the most out of this surgery:

  • Avoid aspirin and other blood thinners for at least 14 to 20 days before the surgery.
  • Get all the prescribed tests done at least a couple of weeks before the surgery.
  • Fill all the prescriptions well in advance.



Stem Cell Hair Restoration in Dubai is a non-surgical procedure. The step-by-step procedure is explained below:

  • Donor Area Preparation: The surgeon will start by shaving or trimming the donor area. Additionally, marking the donor area is also essential for efficient graft harvesting.
  • Administering Anesthesia (Donor Area): After shaving the scalp, he/she administers local anesthesia to the donor area to make the follicular extraction process virtually painless.
  • Graft Extraction: Once the area has been marked and numbed, the surgeon proceeds to graft harvesting. For extracting hair follicles one by one, he/she uses a specially designed automated punch tool.
  • Graft Preparation: The extracted grafts are trimmed carefully under a powerful microscope to obtain follicular units of the desired size.
  • Administering Anesthesia (Recipient Site): Before working on the recipient area, local anesthesia is administered to make the process virtually painless.
  • Recipient Area Preparation: The surgeon then creates tiny holes at the recipient site in an aesthetic manner at specific angles. The direction of these holes will determine the direction of transplanted hairs.
  • Graft Insertion: Lastly, Stem Cell Transplant is concluded by carefully inserting grafts into the tiny incisions.

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Recovery Process:

  • The recovery period of Stem Cell Hair Transplant is short. Patients can expect the following during this period:
    • The scalp may remain sore and itchy for a couple of days after the surgery.
    • Some swelling and mild pain may also occur. However, cold compressions help alleviate pain and swelling.
    • Do not expect new hair to sprout overnight.
    • The transplanted follicles will shed before starting to grow (shock loss).
    • Transplanted hair follicles generally remain inactive for a couple of months.
    • New hair will start growing after 4 to 6 months.
    • It may take 12 to 18 months before complete results of hair transplant can be seen.
100% Financing
100% Financing

Post Operative Care:

  • Some general aftercare instructions for Stem Cell Hair Treatment are as follows:
    • Avoid touching the scalp until it is completely healed, as it can cause infection.
    • Do not wash the scalp for a day or two after the surgery.
    • Avoid taking blood thinners for a couple of weeks after the transplant.
    • Avoid sun exposure because direct sunlight is harmful to the newly transplanted hair follicles.
    • Do not massage the scalp for about 10 to 14 days as it will damage the recently implanted follicles.
    • Picking the scabs or scratching the scalp is strictly prohibited for at least 15 to 20 days.
    • Start taking prescribed pain medications and antibiotics immediately after the surgery.

Benefits Of Stem Cell FUE:

  • Stem Cell Hair Restoration in Dubai is a beneficial procedure, especially for those with a tight scalp. Some advantages of Stem Cell Transplant are as follows:
    • It guarantees maximum hair density and natural-looking results.
    • It allows graft harvesting at the highest speed and maximum precision.
    • Direct implantation of harvested grafts minimizes the failure rate.
    • It enables hair regeneration at the donor site within three months.
    • Up to 50% of harvested areas will regenerate and re-grow.
    • It helps fill in the patches left behind due to a bad hair transplant.

Stem Cell FUE Results:

Results of Stem Cell Hair Transplant are permanent. The transplanted hair will remain on the patient’s scalp for the rest of their life. Since these follicles are taken from baldness-resistant areas, Dihydrotestosterone – the hormone responsible for androgenic alopecia – does not affect them..

Cost Of Stem Cell Procedure:


The cost of Stem Cell Hair Transplant varies widely from one provider to another depending upon the following:

  • number of grafts required
  • number of sessions
  • the surgeon’s experience
  • the provider’s geographic location
  • desired results

Generally, the Stem Cell Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai starts from $4 to $10. However, a surgeon can determine the exact price only after a thorough initial examination.

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