Our hair is one of our most prized possessions. Thick, long, and luscious locks of hair are desired by everyone. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever. Due to aging, scalp conditions, and environmental factors, our hair starts deteriorating and losing density. They keep getting thinner until men become bald and women have scarcely any hair left on their heads. Such a condition asks for medical or cosmetic interference. Hair transplant techniques have been evolving and the latest developments have proved to be quite mind-blowing. The latest in hair restoration techniques is the Hybrid Hair Transplant. Currently, it is not offered by all hair transplant facilities. However, the qualified surgeons at Hair Transplant Dubai are successfully performing it.

What is Hybrid Hair Transplant?

As the name suggests, a Hybrid Hair Transplant is a blend of two transplant techniques.

The two most commonly used hair transplant techniques are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In the Hybrid Hair Transplant, both these techniques are blended into one. This means that FUT and FUE are performed in the same session. This is done in order to extract the maximum number of grafts. The results of this hybrid transplant are quite extraordinary as they can be hardly distinguished from the natural hairline. Although the procedure is invasive, the results are worthwhile.

FAQs For Hybrid Hair Transplant

What is the success rate of a hybrid hair transplant?

The hybrid hair transplant is a relatively new technique. Currently, there are no significant stats that show the success rate of this technique. However, a majority of the patients have reported positively about the results of this technique.

How long does a hybrid hair transplant last?

Normally, the duration for which the results of a hybrid hair transplant last is from 10 months to a year. After this, the patient will need a follow-up treatment in order to continue having a head full of hair.

What hybrid hair transplant cost in Dubai?

The cost of a hybrid hair transplant varies from person to person. Each clinic/surgeon has their own cost policy. Therefore, only they can determine the exact cost for a particular person's treatment.

What are the hybrid hair transplant side effects?

Just like other hair transplant techniques, a hybrid hair transplant also has side effects. The most common complications associated with this technique are bleeding, swelling, itching, infection, shock loss, scalp laxity, grafts fail to take, and hair curl.

How to get the best hybrid hair transplant clinic in Dubai?

To get the best hybrid hair transplant in Dubai, you need to research online and ask around. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is one of the best options for getting a hair transplant. So, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

The Need for Hybrid Hair Transplant

With time everything evolves. Just like human bodies evolve and adapt to the new climate, so do their diseases.

So, hair loss in some people can be treated using traditional methods. However, some people need a more advanced solution to their hair loss problems. This is why a hybrid transplant was needed.

The people who want to maximize their number of grafts with having minimum scars need a hybrid transplant. The most common reasons for why a Hybrid Hair Transplant is needed are:

  • significant baldness
  • availability of less dense donor areas
  • minimum number of available grafts

If an individual has one of these problems, he/she will benefit more from a hybrid transplant than traditional ones.


The Transplant Procedure

In a Hybrid Hair Transplant, both FUT and FUE techniques are combined.

First of all, the FUT is performed in which hair follicles are extracted in the form of a strip. The donor area (usually, the back of the head) is then closed using Trichophytic closure.

Once the FUT is done, the surgeon proceeds to the FUE. In this technique, hair follicles are extracted individually from the donor areas.

After the follicle extraction using FUT and FUE techniques, if more grafts are required then an FUE beard or FUE chest hair transplant can be performed.

The entire procedure does not take more than one day. The beard and chest hair transplant are optional so they can be performed the next day, too. Using the hybrid technique, more than 6000 follicles can be extracted and transplanted within a day.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

Currently, the Hybrid Hair Transplant Dubai is not very common. This means that it is not offered by every clinic and every surgeon is not qualified to perform the procedure. Moreover, a hybrid technique is used as the last resort for hair restoration. It is only advised if and when the patient has exhausted all other options. Therefore, a surgeon with the right qualification is extremely crucial for this transplant.

The right surgeon is the key to a successful transplant. The transplant is quite invasive in nature and requires skillful expertise. Therefore, thorough research is required before finalizing a clinic and surgeon for a Hybrid Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has a panel of expert surgeons who perform hybrid transplants successfully. Book an appointment with one of our professional surgeons by filling out the form given below.

Determining the Candidacy

The candidacy for a Hybrid Hair Transplant is determined by the surgeon. This is because of the highly invasive nature of the procedure. Even if an individual is suffering from hair thinning or baldness, a hybrid transplant is not always the answer.

The Hybrid Hair Transplant is perceived as the last resort for hair restoration. Not every surgeon will recommend this transplant to their patients. However, the following individuals are eligible for getting a hybrid transplant:

  • The individuals in good health conditions
  • The individuals with a Norwood V, VI, or VII grade of baldness
  • The individuals looking for maximizing the number of their grafts
  • The individuals not bothered by the visible scarring or stitches (for at least a month)
  • The individuals who have exhausted all other hair restoration options
  • The individuals with realistic expectations from the procedure

While these individuals may be the ideal candidates for a hybrid hair restoration procedure, these are not the only ones. Consult an expert hybrid hair transplant surgeon and they will help determine your candidacy.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Estimated Cost

The cost of a Hybrid Hair Transplant varies from patient to patient. Moreover, the cost also varies for each clinic. Several factors are responsible for determining the cost, such as:

  • The clinic’s location
  • The doctor’s expertise
  • The number of sessions required
  • The patient’s personal requirements
  • Other relevant aspects

For determining a Hybrid Hair Transplant cost in Dubai, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Our professional surgeons will guide you regarding the charges for the entire procedure.

Benefits of Hybrid Hair Transplant

In recent years, the Hybrid Hair Transplant has proved to be beneficial for people with thinning hair and baldness. Some of the benefits of this technique are:

  1. In a single session, all areas suffering from hair loss can be treated.
  2. A large number of hair follicles can be extracted and implanted in a single session. According to an estimate, about 4000 to 6000 grafts can be extracted in one session of Hybrid Hair Transplant.
  3. The procedure is reliable as the chances of hair not growing after the transplant are minimal.
  4. The process is safe and performed under local anesthesia.
  5. The end result is natural-looking. After the procedure, it is hard to distinguish the transplanted hair from the real ones.
  6. With proper maintenance and care, the transplanted hair can stay the same for a long time.
  7. The process is invasive but if the right surgeon is selected for the job, the results will be worthwhile.
  8. If the transplant is done properly, there are no chances of any infection or complications after the transplant.
  9. The natural-looking hair will have a positive impact on the patient’s self-esteem.
100% Financing
100% Financing

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If you have exhausted all hair restoration options, then a Hybrid Hair Transplant may be the right choice for you. For a Hybrid Hair Transplant Dubai fill the free consultation form below. One of our staff representatives will get in touch with you.


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