Privacy policy

Hair Transplant Dubai clinic is committed to complying with the international laws and policies to make sure that your personal data and medical information are kept secret and used fairly and lawfully.

The information that you provide us while booking an online consultation or before undergoing a hair restoration treatment is kept highly confidential and used in subject to your permissions.

Data collection

Since your data is protected from any unauthorized access and malicious malwares, you can freely provide your personal information. If you are trying to access us through web or social media, you just need to provide your full name and contact details, other data including medical history personal information are collected at the time or after the initial consultation.

Our newsletter, blogs, websites, other services and products have the capability to automatically collect the data and information of the customers and visitors in order to deliver them the content of their interest and preferences.

Some of our sites are using cookies, which store user information on the user Hard disk. Cookies are beneficial for the user in a way that the user need to log in for the first time only. In the cases, a user blocks the cookies, he or she might not be able to access certain features of the website.

At the Hair Transplant Dubai clinic, we use an efficient advertising technology that monitors your visits to our websites. It does not store your personal data such as your name, address and other personal information, as it is only designed to serve you with the ads that suit your interest the best.

For our security purposes, we may also gather the data of the visitors such as IP addresses, browsing source, time and date of access and navigation history. This information does not specify the real identity of the user but just help us for administrative purposes. We use this data to maintain our security audits, trend analysis, and to gather the demographic information about the visitors to our website, which help us to maintain the aggregate of our audiences and clients.

We may sometime use the demographic details of our customers who register with us to create general profiles, without revealing their real identity. Moreover, we may also share such random profiles with our marketing partners and affiliates to let them know about the services that we provide.

How we process the data?

Your personal information that you give us via the website or by visiting the clinic may be used in several ways.

  • Provide you with the required information regarding your query
  • Communicating with you about the pre-treatment consultation
  • Improve your browsing experience by personalizing the website
  • Send you the updates about the treatment procedures
  • Send you the information that you have requested
  • In the case you use our graft calculator, we provide you with an estimated number of grafts that are required for your hair transplantation procedure.
  • To send you marketing communications. You can inform us at any time when you no longer want to receive the marketing communications.
  • To listen to your complaints and inquiries.

Your data is kept for the time necessary to provide you with the details and information about your surgeries and other treatments.

Registering to updates

Hair transplant Dubai clinic can send you the updates about the products, services, and events. If you have provided your details and no longer want to receive any updates, you can choose to unsubscribe from the Hair Transplant Dubai clinic updates. In this ways, you will be no longer receiving the updates from our website or blogs.

E-mail Newsletters

You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter facility by just providing us few details including name, address and demographic details. We use this information to regularly send you details keeping in mind the preferences you have set regarding your interest. The receivers of our newsletter can unsubscribe from this facility at any time they want. We ensure you that your information will not be shared with the third parties unless you permit us.


We may invite our website users and visitors for time to time surveys, polls and quizzes. In order to give value to your suggestions and thoughts on improving our services and products, we may collect your contact information that you fill in before taking part in the surveys. We use this information in accordance with our privacy policy. However, this information is mainly used to notify the winners, to distribute awards and to monitor and improve the services and products. Subjected to the privacy policy and user’s preferences, this information can also be provided to the third parties.

Extra features on the website

We also provide some extra features on our website including a community log, discussion board, and private profiles. In such forums, all the provided information becomes public and we are not responsible for that further.

Referral Service

If you have a friend who has the concerns that we can address, you can utilize our referral service to invite that friend to our website. We may ask you several information about your friends including their name, email address, job title and demographic location, we use these information to send an invitation. Moreover, the information may also be used to send your friends our company profile and about the services and products that we offer.


We also provide features to our customers and visitors where they can tell us about their experience and the quality of services being provided at the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic. There exist some more types of submission such request for service, queries, complaints, support, and information. We may retain email, personal information, and demographic information for our internal purposes and also provide our users with the information about the services that they are interested in.

 Collecting data from social media platforms

We can also collect data from different social media platforms where you post, like or interact with our content. We use these details to interact with you in order to provide you with the information related to the treatments and procedures that you are interested in. Moreover, we may provide you details about our products, services, and events in the ways that are permitted in the international laws.

Where we share your data

We often collaborate with other brands, join hands with other parties to provide them with specific services and products, we do not reveal the credit cards information to those parties. But, we can provide them the general information about the patients and customers subjected to the permission of customers and patients. Our sponsors process the data by using their own privacy policy, so we urge the users that please have a look at their policy before registering.

In a few scenarios, we may also provide the detailed list of information of our visitors to the brands and their parties just for marketing purpose. But, our customers have the options to restrict us from sharing their information with any of the third parties.

We do not share the information with other than those companies who are either our agents or have joint ventures with us. Our partners are agreed to keep your data highly confidential and private and they also obey by our terms and conditions.

We are also bound to disclose all the information when it is required by a law enforcement agency. We may share your details in the situations including in response to an order of the court, a request from the law enforcement agency, or in the cases where have firm believe that your information is required necessary by the legal entities to identify, contact and enquire you about any legal and illegal activity. It is to be noted that the court and other legal entities have the authority to share your information with any of the third parties.

Correcting or updating your personal information

If you have mistakenly provided the wrong information or your personal identifiable information has been changed or altered, you don’t need to worry as we provide you with the facility of changing or altering your general and personal information. You can contact our customer support to avail our services, products or either request to change your preferences, personal information and the permissions that you have provided us. (See below in the permission section)


Our visitors, customers, and patients have all the authority to either discontinue receiving the ads, updates, features and services that are not directly related to their interests. Other than using your information for the medical and legal purposes, the patients can also opt whether to share their information with third parties or not. Moreover, you can alter your preferences at any time by just contacting us.

As the process of altering and updating the information may take a few days, it should be noted that it will take a reasonable time to process your requests for the changes in preferences.

Unsubscribing from the updates

If you have provided your information at hair transplant Dubai clinic either to get your hair loss issues treated or to receive information about the latest treatments, products and services and you no longer want to receive any updates, you can request to remove your details and the Hair Transplants Dubai makes sure to stop sending you any details within few days of receiving your request.

You can also opt out from receiving marketing communications and continue to receive the information about products and treatments.

Securing your personal data

We have efficient security checks like SSL certificates on our websites, means you don’t need to hesitate while providing your data to us. At hair transplant Dubai clinic, we take extra precautions to prevent your data from theft, misuse or alteration.

Your rights

While the one-time provision of any data regarding your treatments at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is completely free, But in few cases, you might have to pay in order to inquire your data for more than one time.

You can instruct us anytime to not use your personal information and data for marketing purposes.

Legal Rights

According to the UAE Penal Code, Article 378 says that the publication of any of the personal data that relates to any of the private or family life is an offense. If you want to make such request please connect us through email at You can write to us at

Privacy requests

Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic

927 A, Al Wasl Road.

P.0.Box No. 57394, Dubai, UAE


HTD websites are designed to be used by the individuals who are not under 13 years of age and we do not collect the data of such users.

Third party websites

Our website may contain links from several blogs and websites of your interest. So, when you open those links and read the information about the desiring treatments, you should remember that we do not have any control of those websites and they are independent in sharing anything. Therefore, we are not responsible for the prevention and privacy of any of the data that you provide to them. So, in such case, you should read their privacy policy before providing any information to such sites and blogs.

For more information about the privacy policy and any other information, you can contact through several ways


Contact number: 00971543922153


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