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Hair Transplant Dubai clinic is committed to providing its patients with the high-level care, best facilities, latest techniques and effective methods for hair restoration treatments in UAE. The clinic supports patient’s rights to provide their inputs about the treatments and facilities at Clinic.

Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic makes sure to reserve the rights for patients in their relationships with the assigned doctors and the clinic. These rights are also applicable to the visitors, customers and child patients. We assure to provide our patients with the medical care that is effective and considerate with our policy, mission, and capacity. We also make sure to obey the code of conduct, therefore, we provide all the necessary services to the patients. In case, we are unable to fulfill any of our policies, you can contact or register your complaints at

Your rights as a patient

We at Hair Transplant Dubai clinic make every effort to let you aware of the rights you have as a patient here in the clinic. During your hospitalization, you might be provided with detailed lists of rules, regulations, and rights of the patients. In the case, if you are unable to practice these rules and regulations due to any of the reasons, then these rights are handed over to your guardians and relatives.

The right of written statement

You have the right to make a written statement about the choice of your health care. It is mandatory that you or your representative submit the written statement before the treatment is being held at the clinic.

While it is compulsory to formulate an advance directive, but if you are willing to have a certain type of health care service, you need to provide an advance directive for that.

To accept or decline the treatment procedure

You have the right to choose the treatment that seems best to your knowledge. Furthermore, you may refuse to take any drug or medicines to the extent of the law and the clinic’s policies. In the case, you suffer from severe side effects, full aftercare services are provided to you. You will be informed about the risks and difficulties of the procedure before it starts. You have all the authority of deciding whether to undergo a treatment or not.

The right of privacy and confidentiality

You have the right to privacy related to consultation, treatment, and examinations. It is to assure you that at Hair transplant Dubai Clinic, all the matters regarding treatment and aftercare are kept highly confidential to the extent possible. You have the right to keep somebody with you during the procedure.

To be treated with respect

At hair transplant Dubai clinic, we prioritize your dignity and self-respect over every other thing. You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect by each and every member of the clinic. We have trained our personnel to keep in mind the different patient’s cultural values preferences and make sure to treat them gently.

As long as it does not interfere with the procedures, you have the right to have a family member of your choice with you during the treatment or medical care. In the case, you have experienced and unpleasing event, we encourage you to talk with our support team about that.

Right to know about the doctor’s qualification

It is your right to know about the qualification and experiences of the doctors, physicians, and clinicians that are directly or indirectly involved in your treatment procedure or medical care. The information that you may inquire about the clinic’s personnel includes name, qualification, and experience. You can also inquire about the before/after images of a few of the surgeries that your doctors have performed.

Right to free from restraints

Except for the procedural necessities, in accordance with our policy and agreements, you are completely free from restraints.

Right to get the emergency treatment immediately

You have the right to undergo the necessary emergency treatment without any delay.

Right to avail qualitative healthcare

At the Hair Transplant Dubai clinic, every patient has the right to avail the care that meets the quality health care standards. We monitor and review every single procedure and find out the ways to improve the performance and effectiveness.

Right to communicate

You have the right to communicate in the way that is more suitable and feasible for you. If you do not feel comfortable speaking in English language or you have any other problem like hearing, vision or speech difficulties, you will be provided access to the interpreters and other mechanisms to ease of the communication gap.

To receive pre-op consultation

At hair transplant Dubai clinic, you are provided with a pre-op consultation with the surgeon that is going to perform your procedure. Moreover, you can choose to have a consultation with some other physician of your choice at any time.

Right to receive services without discrimination

You have the right to be treated by the medical staff including doctors, nurses, support team and clinician without discrimination based on your age, gender, background, nationality, religion, physical fitness, and any other disability.

Right to have appropriate pain management

Your right to have pain management is respected at the Hair Transplant Dubai clinic. Since pain can be a common part of the patient’s experience during the surgery or any other procedure, an appropriate pain management plan is held at the Hair transplant Dubai to encounter such situation. You are free to participate in the pain management program by telling us your level of pain and the level of care that can help in your particular condition. We will do it with all our strength to help you get relief from that.

In the case, you don’t get the desired or promised outcomes from your particular treatment or any mishap happens during or after the treatment, the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic provides you a backup treatment FREE of cost.

Right to access medical records.

You or your legal advisor can inquire for the medical record that is held by the clinic. You are allowed to access all the information and medical records unless it is restricted by the law and rules. We recommend you to acquire all the information during your stay in the clinic and review it with your surgeon.

Right to know about the discharge plans

You have the right to participate in the decision regarding your admission and discharge from the clinic. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic offers a good aftercare program that will keep helping you even after your discharge from the hospital. A manager will be there for you to facilitate and inform you about the facilities that you are going to get after the procedure.

Right to know the charges for your procedure

At the Hair Transplant Dubai clinic, you are guided by the complete cost of your procedure at the pre-op meeting with our representatives. Our business office is there to let you know about all the financials. You can inquire whether your insurance coverage allows you to undergo a certain procedure or not.

Apart from the rights, there are some responsibilities of the patient that you need to adopt in the premises of the clinic.

Avoid smoking in the clinic’s premises

Smoking is injurious to health and is strictly prohibited in the premises of the clinic. Because many of the health problems are triggered by smoking, the clinic has established a no smoking policy to help you get an environment that is free of infections and pollution.

Observe visiting hours

Visiting hours vary according to the department in which you re being treated. Please inform your visitors to follow the proper timings of your department. If there are concerns, talk to your nurse or clinician who will help you to facilitate your meeting with the visitors in off hours.

Act upon your financial responsibility

It is assumed that you properly act upon your financial responsibility and properly pay the pills and utilities on the time. In the case of any delay, you have to inform the financial department immediately.

To be cooperative with the management

You are responsible to be responsive with the management and treating the caregivers gently. In order to ensure you that you get the maximum output from your procedure, you need to be responsive to all the queries that are asked by your physician before the treatment. You need to provide complete information relating to your health, previous hospitalization, allergies, advance directives, and your health history in order to get the effective and fruitful treatment procedure. If you choose to not to follow the terms and conditions of the clinic, then you would be responsible for the circumstances that can be occurred due to the irresponsible behavior. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic assumes that you cooperate with all the staff and doctors of the clinic and be responsive to their questions and directions.

To respect other patients

It is your responsibility to be mutually considerate with the other patients. It is one of the basic rights of every patient to be treated with respect by the other patient in the hospital or clinic.

To avoid taking any unauthorized drugs

It is assumed that you are not taking any unauthorized drugs and if any endanger occurs in response to taking those drugs, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is not responsible for that.

Contact for further information and guidance

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