Complete Hair Restoration in One session with
ACell therapy @AED 7000 Only


At Hair Transplant Clinic, we have a team of best doctors and surgeons from all around the world. They have got their degrees and certifications from the best medical institutes. Our aim is to provide nothing less than the very best services to our esteemed clients. Each one of our doctors has years of experience in the relevant field and have thousands of success stories. The number of satisfied clients around the world speaks for itself in regards to the quality of service provided by our team members.  Our doctors use the latest technology and constantly work on updating their skills and techniques. You can certainly find your ideal hair specialist here.

Available at Dubai UAE
Dr Adnan Tahir

Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Available at Dubai UAE
Dr Cagatay Sezgin

Celebrity Hair Transplant Surgeon

Available at Dubai UAE
Dr Masroor Alam

Hair transplant Surgeon

Available at Dubai UAE
Dr Rory McGoldrick

Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Available at Abu Dhabi UAE
Dr. Ahsen Farooque

Hair Transplant Surgeon

Available at Abu Dhabi UAE
Dr. Gabriel Fernando Bonesana

Plastic & Hair Transplant Surgeon

Available at Dubai UAE
Dr. Luis M. Ayala

Hair transplant and Plastic Surgeon

Available at Abu Dhabi UAE
Dr. Martain Pierre Jean Loonen

Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant Expert

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