Hair transplants are the most advanced type of hair loss or baldness treatment option. Surgeons are looking for more devices and tools to collaborate with hair transplant surgeries to help improve the techniques and provide better results.

When hair transplant surgeries were introduced and then implemented, it was performed by the use of simple manual tools. But due to the advancement like Choi Implanter Pen is introduced. It has made the hair transplantation faster and efficient.

This tool is now being used in both the extraction and the replantation stages. Choi Implanter Pen has allowed surgeons to transplant a large number of hair follicles through improved extraction and implantation process.

Restoration innovators are continually inventing more and more tools for the extraction and implantation process. Choi Implanter Pen is one of the new inventions which now being used in the hair transplantation surgery.


Everything which you need to know about Choi Implanter Pen:

  • What is a Choi Implanter Pen?
  • What are the advantages of using Choi Implanter Pen?
  • Is Choi Implanter Pen suitable for all hair transplant candidates?

What is a Choi Implanter Pen?

Choi Implanter Pen is used to combine the act of extraction from the donor area and the implantation of the extracted hair follicles in a single act.

It’s a pen-like device having a hollow needle attached to a tube and plunger apparatus.

The procedure of a Hair Transplant Surgery using a Choi Implanter Pen:

  • Technicians at the operating room load the extracted hair follicular units into the hollow needle end.
  • Then the surgeon uses the Choi Implanter Pen to implant the pre-loaded hair follicles at an appropriate angle in patient’s scalp by making incision site and by pressing down on the plunger.
  • This process is then repeated for every hair follicle.

Almost 2-6 Implanter Pens are used interchangeably to optimize the implantation time and pace during the hair transplantation procedure.

This tool comes in a variety of needle sizes to fit single, double or triple hair follicular units.

100% Financing
100% Financing

What are the Advantages of using Choi Implanter Pen?

  • Through the use of Choi Implanter pen, there are significantly higher chances of the hair follicles survival rate.
  • Previously the operating team would need to make tiny incisions in the recipient areas on the patient’s scalp for the implantation process but now, Implanter Pen implants the extracted hair follicles directly into the recipient zones.
  • Flawless and evident results by using Choi Implanter Pen in the hair transplant surgery.
  • Decreased bleeding during the process of making tiny incisions at the recipient site.
  • Decreased trauma during hair follicle handling means faster healing and recovery process.
  • Consumes less downtime during the surgery due to the combination of the making of tiny incisions and the process of implantation at the recipient region.

 Is Choi Implanter Pen Suitable for all Hair Transplant Candidates?

According to the trichologist, all aspiring candidates are not eligible to get a hair transplant surgery with the Choi Implanter device.

Because the Choi Implanter Pen shows better results in Asian hair loss sufferers as compared to the hair loss victims of other races.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Experts have researched on this phenomenon and get to the conclusion that:

Asian hair follicle diameter is usually thick and straight. But other races’ hair follicles are curly and of thinner diameter. So it’s really difficult to properly load hair follicle into the implanter pen and then to implant it in the scalp.

Candidates who are not Eligible to get a Hair Transplant Surgery with the Choi Implanter Pen may have to suffer:

Following are the risks and complications of a victim who is experiencing hair loss but not eligible to get a hair transplant surgery with Choi Implanter Pen:

  • Inappropriate hair follicle bending.
  • Incorrect hair follicle placement
  • Excessive trauma to the hair follicle.

Other Treatments can Endanger Your Health:

If you are suffering from hair thinning, hair loss or baldness and looking for a safer, effective and long lasting treatment.

Then avoid consuming allopathic or homeopathic medications, trying home remedies, application of scalp injections, using hair regrowth tonics, creams, sprays, gels etc. because these can either cause skin diseases or infections.

It’s better if you arrange an appointment with the trichologist at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic.

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Consultation with the Trichologist:

He will examine your scalp very thoroughly and then will tell you the factor behind your hair issue either its hair thinning, hair loss or baldness. And it’s also important to get yourself evaluated before getting a hair transplant with Choi Implanter Pen that whether you eligible to get it or not.

  • If you have a habit of smoking then you have to quit smoking before getting a hair transplant with Choi Implanter Pen.
  • You have to avoid the consumption of alcohol and alcoholic beverages.
  • For better results, you have to get all the tests done in advance according to the prescription of the trichologist before getting a surgery.
  • You have to intake healthy diet,  consume the enough amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, iron etc.
  • It will help you if you try not to take any kind of blood thinners including aspirin etc.
  • Try to avoid the direct exposure of the sun and wear a hat, cap or a scarf while going out.
  • You have to stop the intake of drugs.
  • It would be beneficial if you try to make a habit of sleeping early at night instead of fewer sleep timings.
  • Oiling your scalp is really a good habit to improve the blood circulation in your body which will help your hair to regrow faster.
  • Intake of prescribed medications regularly as recommended by the trichologist.

Always consider the trichologist instructions, recommendations and guidance above yours. It will help you in providing better and improved results.


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