Alopecia Areata Treatment

Different forms of alopecia are common around the globe and millions struggle with it at different points in their lifetime. Home remedies cannot solve it but advanced options can be helpful. Our experts use different methods to cure this important problem.

This page discusses how alopecia areata treatment works and how much a person has to pay for it.

What is Alopecia Areata?

The word ‘alopecia’ simply means hair loss. Alopecia areata refers to a medical condition where hair falls out in round patches. This issue occurs when the immune system of the body attacks hair follicles.

As a result of its effects, the hair starts to fall. This problem can affect any area of the body but the scalp normally experiences it. There is no perfect solution available but experts can cure some forms.

Before we look into possible solutions, let’s have a look at causes, symptoms, and diagnosis.

100% Financing
100% Financing


This is an autoimmune disease that can run in families. Autoimmune means the immune system attacks the body. The genetic makeup and other factors can make a person vulnerable to this type of hair loss. People can experience this problem at any age.

FAQs For Alopecia Areata Treatment

What are the best alopecia areata treatment guidelines?

For alopecia areata treatment, consult an expert instead of resorting to home remedies. While home remedies for hair loss may not harm your hair, they will not help you get rid of alopecia areata. Your doctor will suggest you proper haircare along with medication that will help in hair regrowth.

What are the causes of alopecia areata?

The major cause of alopecia areata is an abnormality in the immune system. As a result of this, autoimmunity is developed in the body due to which a person's immune system starts attacking its own body. So, particular tissues are attacked causing damage to the hair follicles.

What are the alopecia areata symptoms?

Before undergoing alopecia areata treatment, you should identify the symptoms. Generally, patients experience patchy hair loss. This means they lose hair from their scalp in coin-sized patches. The main area to be affected is scalp while the beard, eyebrows, and other hair growth areas can also be affected.

How to stop alopecia areata from spreading?

There is no alopecia areata treatment to cure this condition but certain steps can be followed to stop it from spreading. A healthy diet and regular exercise help as they reduce the stress that can cause hair loss. Using a soft-bristled hairbrush also saves the scalp from trauma and prevents the condition from worsening.

Can hair grow back after alopecia?

According to experts, with the help of alopecia areata treatment and proper care, your hair will grow back in a few months. Although there is no treatment to cure alopecia areata completely, the doctors can prescribe a few medicines and haircare routine to help regrow hair.


There are some signs that indicate the start of this problem. Some notable symptoms are:

  • Hair starts losing in coin-sized patches.
  • This issue can occur in any area of the body.
  • Some nail problems can also occur due to it.
  • Hair loss can be sudden or can be slow and steady.


Though you can check for the signs discussed above, it is always good to visit a professional to make sure what actually is causing your hair to fall.

For proper diagnosis and quick intervention, get in touch with one of our experts to know the reasons for your hair fall. Professional help means a lot in this matter.

Home Remedies

Some people resort to home remedies once diagnosed with this problem but that is not going to help. Home remedies often just cause a placebo effect.

People rub different natural items such as honey, garlic juice, onion juice, almond oil, cooled green tea, rosemary oil, or coconut milk into the scalp to stop losing hair.

Though these items may not cause any harm, this issue cannot be solved through home remedies. For significant results, consider undergoing our alopecia areata treatment in Dubai.

Alopecia Areata Treatment

Doctors are working harder to find a perfect cure for this hair growth disease and some headways have been made in recent years. It has now become possible to cure this hair loss problem.

There are medications using which doctors can reduce or end this issue. Our hair growth experts know techniques to restore hair growth in the areas where this problem has caused problems.


This treatment comes with a number of advantages. The treatment can provide the following benefits:

  • A major increase in hair growth
  • This treatment is not expensive
  • A significant reduction in hair fall
  • The appearance of the person improves
  • No downtime after trying this technique
  • No long-term and major side effects involved


There is no long list of requirements you have to fulfill before you can have it. You can try this technique if you have alopecia areata and you want to restore hair volume properly.

Side Effects

This treatment is safe and does not cause major or permanent side effects. Since the non-surgical and minimally invasive techniques are normally used to treat alopecia areata, the risk of major and long-term side effects is too low.

Pre-Op Care and Aftercare

Following some important pre-treatment and post-treatment instructions can help a person get the best out of this treatment.


No proper preparation is required. You will visit the Doctor’s office on the day of treatment and your doctor will perform treatment. It is a short treatment and you may be able to have it in your lunch break.


Depending on the nature of the treatment, your doctor will guide you about post-treatment care. You should visit your doctor if something unusual such as pain, discomfort, and bleeding, occurs.

100% Financing
100% Financing


Alopecia areata treatment cost is not fixed because our rates are flexible due to the varying nature of alopecia areata problem. The pricing is defined by some factors and here are the notable once:

  • The geographic location of the treatment provider
  • Experience and reputation of the dental surgeon
  • Nature of problem that particular person is facing

Please contact us and know how much you will have to pay for this treatment.

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