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Revive Your Hair With Acell and PRP Combined Now you can revive your hair only for AED 10,000!

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Beard Hair Transplant

Want to rock that cool, edgy and masculine look but are struggling with a patchy beard? Do not worry, we are offering beard hair transplant in Dubai that will revive your beard hair.

ACell Hair Loss Treatment

Want glorious hair but don’t want to undergo a knife? ACELL Hair Loss Treatment in your best choice as it gives you fabulous hair without surgery.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Long gone are the days of thin and arched brows. Now full, thicker and natural looking brows are in. Lucky for you! Eyebrow hair transplant is here to help.


Eyelash Hair Transplant

Long, fluttery eyelashes make your eyes look big, beautiful and wide open. Take your lashes to luxurious lengths with eyelash restoration.

What Patients Say About us

  • Consultation I got explanation about complete procedure. Friendly approach and cleared all of my doubts. PROCEDURE: It was no pain at all. All of them look like very expert and smooth handling. POST OPERATIVE CARE: Good caring team all of staff and supportive. I feel good for selecting Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic for giving me confidence and get my hair back.
    Jalalhudeen, Indian
  • CONSULTATION: Actually consultation was so nice, effective and makes me don’t hesitate much to do it. Also give me the feeling that it is an easy operation, it helps a lot to make the decision. PROCEDURE: It was a good experience, no pain at all but it was very long, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm the Nurses were so nice and helpful. POST OPERATIVE CARE: It was so helpful and supportive to self comfort.
    Jon Magdy, Egyptian
  • CONSULTATION: It was very good information about the procedure. Clear and there were no open questions. PROCEDURE: It was horrible but the results are perfect. POST OPERATIVE CARE: It was good and well informed.
    Jurgen Harring, Austrian
  • CONSULTATION: It was fine and satisfactory. Each and everything was cleared to me in a fine way. Only in one area, I feel not good, as in consultation, it was told that three zones will be covered, but in actual practice. It was not so. PROCEDURE: All the peoples involved were professional and do it in a very fine way. They all have expertise. One area can be improving only, that Doctor show your hair style at computer, as it is happening in my transplant clinics. POST OPERATIVE CARE: Until now it is also satisfactory and the persons are following all the SOP’s. Overall my experience with this clinic is very fine. But I think price is a big issue. As in Pakistan, same clinic providing cost same things at economic rate.
    Kassem, UAE
  • CONSULTATION: Dr.Juan consultation was amazing. She described the whole procedure in detail. PROCEDURE: Throughout the surgery, did not experience any pain other than the syringe part. Everyone were very friendly especially Mr. Felix. POST OPERATIVE CARE: It was well caring unit. I will recommend this place for hair transplant and other surgery. I had a very good time. Thank you for taking care of me.
    Mohammed Yomeen, Pakistan
  • CONSULTATION: The initial consultation was great with Anisa. In fact she convinced me to really be able to go ahead with it. However, I felt that I needed more clarification by the Doctor Post procedure. PROCEDURE: In terms of grafts, overall procedure etc., unfortunately I didn’t get to see him after the procedure. I am worried because of my personal situation need to travel to Australia on 16th of September. POST OPERATIVE CARE: I need more confidence. Please refer email to Anisa on Friday, 13th September 2013 for all comments.
    Umer Kamal, Pakistan
  • CONSULTATION: Ms.Anisa was very clear regarding explanation of the entire procedure. I appreciated her fitting me into her schedule. She answered all of my questions and put my stress at ease. PROCEDURE: Dr.Juan was very patient and professional. His staff of attending was very meticulous and hardworking. Dr.Juan has an excellent “bedside manner”. POST OPERATIVE CARE: The staff is professional and accommodating and well informed. They have assisted me every step of the way. Thank you. I would strongly recommend Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic and its staff to anyone looking for similar procedures.
    Victor Kirschbaum, American
  • CONSULTATION: Consultation was fine. Discussions on the shape and amount of grafts were done. PROCEDURE: Was not painful at all. However, little bit confused on the density of the grafts on my temple and hairline (maybe just anxious). POST OPERATIVE CARE: Second day had a saline wash done by Mrs. Suraya. To mention, she was very pleasing and very keen in answering my concerns regarding the procedure and could calm me a little bit down because I was a little bit anxious.
    Fazil, Indian
  • CONSULTATION: The consultation was very well explained for the situation and gave me solution on my problem. PROCEDURE: It was done smoothly very good. Apart from Nurses speaking in their own language throughout the procedure which was a little awkward, otherwise all were good. POST OPERATIVE CARE: It was very helpful and nicely done.
    Fases, UAE
    Fases, UAE
  • CONSULTATION: It was very good, well explained and encouraged to go ahead. Thanks Anisa, “I am an Engineer not a lawyer”. PROCEDURE: It was very good also. They did fantastic job, I am happy that I’ve selected this clinic. Dr. Alam is very good person, polite and well explaining and good man as well. Thanks Doctor. POST OPERATIVE CARE: It was Excellent. The nurses are all very good, doing good jobs. Thanks Jeanette and all the Nurses of Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic.
    Masoud, UAE
  • CONSULTATION: It was really helpful and informative. The details of the procedures, pricing and different kinds of operations was important in addition to the expertise of the staff. PROCEDURE: The procedure was fine but a bit lengthy. POST OPERATIVE CARE: No issues as yet.
    Ahmad Al Mulla, UAE
  • CONSULTATION: The consultation was good and very convincing. However, I noted that some matters were not aligned with the Doctor, such as planting the pyramid areas as consulted, where we ended up not doing any work on it because of that. PROCEDURE: No comments on that except for some wrong practices done such as not wearing the mask all the times while planting the grafts or counting them. On the other hand, the team performances were good. POST OPERATIVE CARE: I had my first Post procedure review and it was done in a good manner.
    Fadi Touqan, Jordanian
  • CONSULTATION: It’s a great pleasure to meet and discuss all matters regarding the hair transplantation. The patient will be able to understand the procedure what he knows and what he don’t on the new techniques in the hair transplant. It’s totally good to have highly experienced team and we appreciate all of them. PROCEDURE: It’s a simple and high technique procedure. The patient will able to follow each and every step easily. The surgery will not reflect on the head which is like old methods. POST OPERATIVE CARE: As mentioned earlier, the team was highly experienced and patient will always feel relax and free while on the surgery. The team was always and treated you as a family to the patient. It’s advantage for the patient that they will always use new technology and new techniques while on the surgery.
    Chaminda, Sri lankan

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About Hair Transplant


What is Hair Transplant?

Wondering what is hair transplant? Or, how does it actually work? It is a hair restoration process performed on adult men and women of all ages who have significant hair loss, hair thinning or bald spots. There are two major types of hair transplant depending on the extraction of graft strips or follicle units from the donor area. The first one is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) while the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The latter is the most advanced technique that promises natural results with no linear scarring or stitching.

What Causes Baldness?

Do you feel vitamin deficiencies are the real culprit behind the bald spots on your scalp? No, it's dandruff, right? Or, may be excessive hat wearing is causing hairless patches on your scalp? All these are the theories of past and have been disproved by latest studies. Vitamin deficiencies and dandruff alone cannot cause hair loss to the extent of baldness. It is also a wrong perception that your maternal granddad's hair pattern determines your hair loss pattern. There are three primary causes of baldness, aging, hormonal changes and family history of baldness, and you need to consider all of them before blaming anything else for excessive hair loss.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Both FUT and FUE hair transplant are performed in clinic on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and sometimes mild sedation as well. Hair transplant surgery involves taking small strips of hair, composite grafts, from the donor site and relocating them to the frontal area of the scalp where hair no longer grows. Transplanted hair not only survive and grow but also follow the growth pattern of the patient’s existing hair. Semi-permeable dressing is used to cover the treated area for seepage of blood and tissue fluid.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Dubai

Are you planning to undergo hair transplant in Dubai? Cost of hair transplant in Dubai varies significantly from one physician to another depending on the technique being used and the surgical skills of the person performing the procedure. Generally the cost of FUE hair transplants can range between US $4 per graft to US $15 per graft. Cost of FUT hair transplant in Dubai, on the other hand, can range between US $2 and US $10 per graft. Some clinics also offer discount for larger number of grafts, but you need to discuss this during initial consultation.

Treatment for Best Results

Hair transplant does not promise an instant head of hair, but it is probably the most effective restoration process that offers guaranteed hair growth. There are several factors that will influence the appearance of grafted hairline. These include grafts measurement, the texture and density of composite grafts, the experience and surgical skills of the person performing the procedure. A successfully performed hair transplant surgery gives you a natural looking hairline with right hair density.

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