Here we will help you differentiate between different types of hair loss in women and will also share with you some effective hair loss treatments in Dubai.


Categorizing female hair loss

Hair loss in females can be categorized according to its pattern: pattern baldness and overall thinning of hair.

  • Female pattern baldness

In female pattern baldness, they experience a pattern with hair thinning in the center of their head. This divides the hair on their head in two parts: right and left. However, their hairline often remains intact.

  • Overall thinning of hair

This type of hair loss in women does not follow a proper pattern. Instead, the victim experiences generalized hair thinning over the entire scalp. All hairs on the head are affected equally. They become thin & weak and lose their volume.
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FAQs For Female Hair Loss Treatment

How to regrow thinning hair female?

Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5% is the most common drug used for female hair loss treatment. It is the only FDA-approved drug that can help regrow hair but it needs to be used every day otherwise the hair loss starts again.

What are the best female hair loss vitamins?

A B-vitamin called biotin is used for female hair loss treatment. If there is a deficiency of biotin in the body, it leads to female hair loss. So, taking biotin can help to prevent hair loss in females

What are the best treatments for female hair loss?

Taking Minoxidil (Rogaine) 5% once daily has proved to regrow hair in 81% of the women. If hair loss is hormonal, prescription medications like spironolactone or oral contraceptives can be used. If nothing else works, you can always go for laser therapy or a female hair transplant.

What causes female hair loss at temples?

There are several causes for female hair loss at temples and can be treated by one or the other female hair loss treatment. Some common causes include genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, tight hairstyles, pregnancy, and childbirth, etc.

How to treat female hair loss

The treatment mainly depends on the particular situation of the female, experiencing hair loss. At first, the doctor tries to find out the cause of hair fall, as after identifying the underlying cause, it becomes a lot easier to control and in most cases even reverse hair fall. There are numerous tests that can help identify the exact cause of hair loss, ruling out the possible causes one by one. Some commonly used tests for female hair loss are:

  • ANA (antinuclear antibody) –This test is administered to know the presence of autoimmune diseases like lupus. If the test results are positive, further tests may be required.
  • Iron – The level of Iron in the blood serum that includes total iron binding capacity and deficiency of ferritin
  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)–A sex hormone indicating the status of ovarian output in females
  • LH (luteinizing hormone) – A sex hormone indicating the status of ovarian output in females
  • Free testosterone –A tests that helps to know the ability of a woman to convert testosterone into estrogen
  • Total testosterone – Testosterone that is bound to proteins in the blood
  • THS (thyroid stimulating hormone) –Its level indicates the presence and status of male hormones in females.

Once the underlying cause and your hair loss type have been determined, based on the aforementioned tests, it’s time to move on to the treatment phase. There are numerous treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, to help women restore a fuller head of hair.

Your surgeon will deliver instructions for preparation that must be followed. In general, there is no need to take care of dietary measures or other guidelines because this treatment is non-surgical and minimally invasive.

100% Financing
100% Financing

When you should opt for non-surgical hair loss treatment

Non-surgical hair restoration is for all those women with overall hair thinning. Such women do not have healthy, baldness resistant hair follicles that could be transplanted in thinning or balding areas. Here are some non-surgical hair replacement options that we offer at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic:

It is an injection therapy that involves injecting a nutrient rich cocktail into the scalp, focusing on problem areas. The cocktail is a mixture of pharmaceutical medicines, enzymes, minerals and supplements. The cocktail enhances scalp circulation and strengthens hair follicles that have been weakened by the act of DHT or any other factor. This allows for healthy, robust hair growth.

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a yellowish fluid obtained by centrifuging patient’s own blood. It is a rich source of growth factors, which, when injected into the scalp, work by activating adult stem cell. It also helps boost blood circulation in the scalp, and all this contributes to strengthening of affected hair follicles.

ACell’s extracellular matrix is a naturally occurring protein which is combined with PRP and injected into the scalp to control hair loss. ACell helps counter the effect of Dihydrotestosterone and strengthens miniaturized hair follicles. ACell/PRP shots offer an ideal treatment for mild to moderate hair loss. However, it may not be that effective for bald patches.

100% Financing
100% Financing

When you should opt for surgical hair restoration

Hair transplant is not only a male’s domain anymore. If you have enough donor hairs, you are a good candidate for hair transplantation. Women with overall hair thinning throughout their scalp are not considered good candidates for surgical hair restoration. You are a candidate for hair transplant surgery if:

  • You are facing pattern baldness, i.e. hair loss at the center of your head with healthy hair on sides and back. The surgeon will extract healthy hair and plant them into the affected site.
  • You have a bald patch due to an injury, surgery, or skin disease. The surgery will plant healthy hair in this bald patch.
  • You are facing traction alopecia (hair loss due to continuous traction on a specific part of scalp) or hair loss due to obsessive pulling of hair. The surgery allows you to regrow hair on the affected areas.

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