Hair loss can occur due to many reasons, and for every cause, a hair regrowth option is available. For instance, if a bald patch develops on the scalp, a hair transplant can help regrow hair. However, it is a surgical and invasive option, and some people don’t want to undergo surgery for regrowing hair. For such cases, another option is available where a form of the wig is used to hide the bald patches. It is known as a hair fixing treatment – a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that provides long-lasting and natural-looking results.

This page discusses Permanent hair fixing in Dubai in detail. Continue reading to know the cost, benefits, side effects, and more.

Hair Loss Problem

Almost everyone loses some hair strands every day. According to hair experts, it is common among men and women to lose about 100 hair strands daily. However, the real problem arises when this number increases.

Losing an excessive amount of hair every time we brush is not normal. If we don’t address this problem immediately, it can lead to pattern baldness or bald patches on the scalp. As a result, we will need a hair transplant or hair fixing treatment to look and feel confident again.

FAQs For Hair Fixing Treatment

What are the disadvantages of hair fixing?

There are several disadvantages of hair fixing treatment. It requires regular maintenance, regular haircuts, and you need to buy it again and again. Moreover, they cannot be dyed and look unnatural. You cannot use a hairdryer, rollers, flat, or curling iron on them.

What is the hair fixing cost in Dubai?

Determining the exact cost of hair fixing treatment in Dubai is not possible since it varies from clinic to clinic. Moreover, many factors contribute to determining the cost, like location, doctor's expertise, the number of required sessions, etc.

Best clinic for hair fixing in Dubai?

There are many hair clinics available in Dubai that offer hair fixing solutions. However, none of them compares to what Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has to offer. Their board-certified experts, top-notch techniques, up-to-date equipment, and affordable rates make it the best choice for all your hair fixing needs.

What are the types of hair fixing?

Some types of hair fixing treatment are hair bonding, hair weaving, clip-in hair extensions, volumizer, designer/chemotherapy wigs, platelet-rich plasma for hair, mesotherapy, and laser hair stimulation.

How can I get hair fixing in Dubai?

You can search online for clinics that offer hair fixing treatment in Dubai. You can also ask your friends and neighbors who may have undergone the treatment. Once you find a clinic, give them a call, and schedule an appointment.

Hair Fixing Treatment

A hair fixing treatment is a non-surgical hair replacement technique. In this treatment, a wig-like hair replacement system matching the natural hair color is attached to the scalp. As a result, we achieve natural-looking and dense hair. However, the hair achieved due to this treatment will be wig-like but not an ordinary wig. It means the hair will look and feel more natural instead of appearing fake like regular wigs.

The procedure is quick and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. It is performed by an experienced practitioner in a clinic/facility. This procedure is ideal for those who don’t want to undergo permanent but painful surgery or temporary hair regrowth medications. Moreover, it doesn’t have any downtime, recovery period, or side-effects.

100% Financing
100% Financing


There are many benefits of hair fixing treatment. Some significant advantages are mentioned below:

  • It is a simple technique that takes a short time to complete.
  • Patients can grow any type of hair they want.
  • It helps regrow long-lasting and natural-looking hair.
  • A hair fixing treatment is not too expensive and is affordable compared to other hair replacement techniques.
  • There are no side effects to this treatment. Therefore no recovery period exists.
  • The hair you get from this treatment will not grow, and your haircut will stay intact.


You are the ideal candidate for a hair fixing treatment in Dubai if you:

  • have a bald patch(es) on the scalp and want to cover it with hair
  • do not wish to undergo surgical treatment, such as a hair transplant
  • want to have a particular type of hair that lasts longer and does not grow

Side Effects

Since a hair fixing treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive, the chances of side-effects are minimal. However, some patients may experience an allergic reaction to the adhesive used for attaching the wig to the scalp. It only occurs if the adhesive quality is low and the practitioner is not experienced enough. Apart from this, there are no other risks, like infection or scarring, associated with a hair fixing treatment.


A hair fixing treatment is a quick, office-based procedure performed on an out-patient basis. Therefore, patients don’t need to follow any particular pre-op guidelines.


The hair fixing procedure is non-surgical, which means it doesn’t have any downtime and delivers instant results. Patients are allowed to treat their wig-like hair the same way that they would their natural hair. There are no restrictions about combing and washing the hair as the adhesive used for attaching it to the scalp is resilient.

Hair Fixing Cost in Dubai

No two hair fixing treatments are alike. Each patient needs a custom treatment. Therefore, each treatment is personalized to deliver the desired results. As a result, the cost of hair fixing varies from patient to patient.

The following aspects play a vital role in determining the Hair fixing cost in Dubai:

  • Geographic location
  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Clinic/facility’s reputation
  • Size of the treatment area
100% Financing
100% Financing

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