artistic vertex designHair transplant is now an acclaimed method of permanent hair restoration and an answer to hair thinning and hair loss. While it sounds simple and straight to the point, a hair transplant is not a simple ‘harvest and plant’ anywhere on the scalp. A specific design has to be applied, depending on the area of the hair loss on the scalp, and Vertex Hair Design is one of the techniques used.

Statistics show that by the age of 35 years, 40% of men would have suffered a noticeable loss of hair. That figure increases to 65% by the age of 60 years and 80% by the time they are 80 years old. For men facing any kind of hair loss, this is a cause for concern, because they do not know in which age bracket they will fall under when/if they start losing their crowning glory.


Artistic Vertex Design

When it comes to hair transplant in Dubai, and our clinic for that matter- which is the leading hair transplant center in the UAE, the numbers of men looking to have a full head of hair, or stop thinning hair on its tracks, has increased.

With the rise in these numbers, Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic as well has to up its hair transplant and hair restoration technologies, in order to deliver the best results possible in one possible session. This is why the clinic has introduced the Artistic Vertex Hair Design in Dubai.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Challenges of Vertex Design

Normally, according to hair transplant experts and surgeons at Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, treating hair loss on the vertex of the crown area can be very taxing and technically demanding. This is because of the changing angles and directions of the hair in that particular area, which tend to create a whirlwind orientation.

This whirlwind orientation of the hairs means that if the hair transplantation is not done according to this natural spiral, the new hairs will simply stand up haphazardly, without any sense of direction; more like confused follicles. In addition, the hair transplantation challenge becomes even bigger due to the low blood circulation in this area. But you can easily overcome these challenges by simply selecting an experienced hair transplant surgeon with ample experience in performing crown transplantations.

Who is a candidate?

Also known as crown hair restoration, vertex hair design targets the crown area, which according to the Norwood Scale, starts during stage 3 of your hair loss journey. Since hair loss pattern varies from person to person, it is not necessary that every Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant candidate has stage 3 on Norwood scale. Some people only lose hair from the crown area while the hairline remains intact. So anybody with significant hair thinning in the crown area can benefit from this type of hair transplant.

100% Financing
100% Financing

How to prepare for Procedure

Follow the following tips to prepare well for the surgery:

  • Stop intake of blood thinners 2-3 weeks prior to surgery
  • Avoid supplements such as Cod Liver Oil and Vitamin E for 10-14 days before the procedure
  • Quit smoking two weeks before transplant
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages for 3 to 5 days
  • Fill in all prescriptions well in time

How the procedure is performed?

The Artistic Vertex Hair Transplant in Dubai has been introduced, in order to give a replica of the native hair, and give the newly planted hair grafts a fighting chance, by planting them in a way they will be able to get sufficient blood flow. Considering the crown area is in most cases the last area one will have a hair transplant in Dubai, which means if you had already transplanted hair in the front or the sides, the donor area might not have enough healthy follicles to be harvested unless you wait for a couple of years.

Like a traditional hair transplant, Vertex Transplantation also involves two phases – the graft harvesting phase and the graft transplantation phase. Graft harvesting is the same as in the case of a normal transplant performed anywhere on the scalp. Either FUT, FUE, and Stem Cell FUE techniques can be used for extracting follicular units for transplantation.

The difference comes in the plantation phase. The surgeon creates the recipient site carefully, considering the challenges mentioned above. The natural direction of each and every single graft to be transplanted is kept in mind while preparing the crown area for plantation. This makes vertex transplantation the most painstaking task.

Post-op Care

Simple tips to follow after Artistic Vertex Design Hair Transplant Include:

  • Use cold compresses immediately after the surgery to alleviate pain and discomfort.
  • Use prescribed medicines, both pain killers and antibiotics.
  • Do not wash your scalp for 36 to 48 hours.
  • Sleep with your head elevated on two pillows for 3-4 days.
  • Refrain from smoking and drinking for a week or two.
  • Blood thinners are not allowed for another couple of weeks.
  • Do not rub or massage the scalp for 10-14 days.
  • Avoid exposing the scalp to direct sunlight.

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Recovery and Results

With the new Artistic Vertex Hair Transplant in Dubai, combined with stem cell FUE in Dubai, regardless of the size of the area to be covered, which is usually large, a lot of grafts will not be required to cover this area. This is because the vertex design, if followed to the letter, allows hairs to fall on each other, covering a wide surface area with a maximum of only 2450 grafts.

The final results after having the Artistic Vertex Hair Design of hair transplant in Dubai are the same as that of Stem Cell FUE in Dubai, which means you will see the final results after 6 to 9 months post hair transplantation.


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