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Hair loss is a prevalent problem among men and women. Sometimes, excessive hair loss can lead to complete baldness, and in that case, even a hair transplant is not useful. The reason is the lack of healthy hair follicles. If a person has developed significant bald spots or is entirely bald, he/she is not eligible for a hair transplant. We need enough healthy hair follicles for a hair transplant to be successful. Therefore, such candidates need an alternative hair loss treatment, and Scalp Micropigmentation in Dubai is the right choice. This procedure allows patients to enhance their scalp’s appearance without undergoing surgery.


What is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)?

Scalp MicroPigmentation or SMP is an effective cosmetic hair loss solution for people suffering from excessive hair loss. It is a non-surgical, hassle-free, and cost-effective hair loss solution. It treats hair loss due to androgenic alopecia or other types of alopecia causing permanent hair loss.

Since the procedure is not surgical, it does not involve skin cutting, stitching, or scarring. However, that does not mean it includes hairpieces or wigs. Instead, it is a highly advanced form of cosmetic pigmentation. Specialized pigments are applied directly into the scalp skin’s dermal layer. They replicate the natural appearance of real micro hairs and provide a shaved head-like appearance. In short, it creates a shaved head or short hair look by strategically injecting pigments in the scalp’s dermal layer.

Scalp MicroPigmentation Dubai uses specially designed pigments and not the usual tattoo ink. Due to this, SMP pigments maintain their definition and do not spread out or fade over time.

100% Financing
100% Financing

What can SMP do for you?

SMP in Dubai has helped thousands of men worldwide achieve a youthful appearance and desired hair patterns. It provides a virtually non-invasive solution for men with a receding hairline, significant hair thinning, partial, or complete baldness. It also helps those with scalp scars, including the one resulting from the strip method transplant.

The technique can:

  • replicate the appearance of a thicker and fuller head of hair
  • recreate a natural-looking, youthful hairline
  • camouflage hair thinning and bald patches resulting from any form of alopecia
  • hide scalp scars from injuries and even from hair transplant surgeries
  • work in combination with surgical hair restoration to provide additional hair density

Goals of SMP

The Scalp MicroPigmentation Dubai aims to:

  • get rid of hair thinning and baldness
  • solve hair loss problems for people lacking healthy hair follicles
  • provide a shaved head-like look
  • improve appearance
  • restore confidence

Moreover, a variety of shades are used to achieve the perfect blend of hues that matches the patient’s existing hair. Before selecting a well-blended pigment, the patient’s skin tone is carefully observed. It helps create the simulation of natural-looking hair follicles and micro hairs.

FAQs For Scalp Micropigmentation – Hair Tattoo Dubai

How long does scalp micropigmentation last?

Scalp micropigmentation is a semi-permanent solution for hair loss. Generally, the results of scalp micropigmentation last for about 4-6 years. After this, the pigment starts fading and ultimately vanishes. So, a follow-up session will be required.

What are scalp micropigmentation side effects?

Like any other cosmetic procedure, there are risks associated with scalp micropigmentation, as well. Most common side effects include swollen lymph nodes, redness, itchy scalp, large-looking dots, rapid mid-treatment fading, allergies, blue dots, and infection from tattoo ink.

What is scalp micropigmentation cost in Dubai?

The scalp micropigmentation cost in Dubai varies from patient to patient. It depends on various factors like the doctor's expertise, required number of sessions, selected facility, and type of technique, etc. Your doctor can help determine the exact cost.

What are scalp micropigmentation results?

Once the pigment has been deposited into the scalp using micro-needles it will give an impression of tiny hair, like stubble on the head. With the help of scalp micropigmentation, your head gives the impression that you have a short buzz cut.

Best scalp micropigmentation clinic in Dubai?

There are several clinics that offer scalp micropigmentation in Dubai. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is one of the best clinics that provide this treatment. Our expert surgeons and diligent staff will make sure the entire treatment goes as smoothly as possible.

Pre-Procedural Instructions

Since Scalp MicroPigmentation in Dubai is a non-surgical procedure, it does not require any special preparation. Typically, patients are asked to come to the clinic with freshly washed scalp. Moreover, they should avoid bringing any valuables to the clinic.

These are only general instructions. Every patient has specific needs, and their doctor will guide them accordingly. So, patients must consult an expert before undergoing SMP treatment. If the doctor gives specific guidelines, patients must religiously follow them.

100% Financing
100% Financing


The procedure of Scalp MicroPigmentation in Dubai involves carefully administering highly specialized pigments into the scalp skin. During the procedure, a practitioner uses different needle sizes to create the appearance of a full head of shaved hairs. This highly advanced form of cosmetic pigmentation injects tested pigments into the scalp skin. Generally, the pigments are injected at varying penetration depths and angles to replicate a natural, more youthful head of hair.

Post-Procedural Care

SMP technique for hair loss is a simple procedure that does not require a lot of aftercare. However, patients should follow some general aftercare guidelines to recover quickly and without discomfort.

Some general post-procedural instructions are mentioned below:

  • No Scalp Massage: Do not rub or massage your head immediately after the treatment. You should avoid touching the scalp unnecessarily for at least a week after the procedure.
  • No Head Washing: Do not wash your head for a few days or as recommended by your provider. The pigment used in the SMP in Dubai technique for hair loss is permanent and does not wash off in the shower. However, it needs some time to settle down in the area where it has been injected.
  • No Sunlight Exposure: Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 3-4 weeks after the treatment. The UV rays in sunlight are harmful to the pigment as well as your skin. After that, you can sunbathe as usual.

How many sessions are needed?

Typically, the pigment is administered over 2-3 Scalp MicroPigmentation sessions. However, it can vary from person to person, depending on the following aspects:

  •     extent of baldness
  •     size of the area that needs to be covered
  •     the desired hair density

These are only a few factors that may affect the final results, but there may be other factors, too.

Hair Tattoo Cost in Dubai

The cost of Scalp Micropigmentation depends on multiple factors like every cosmetic procedure. However, it mainly depends on the area of the scalp that needs to be covered in pigment.

Generally, the average starting price of Scalp Micropigmentation in Dubai is AED 2500.

However, every clinic has different prices for SMP treatment. So, patients should discuss the hair tattoo cost with their doctor during the initial consultation session.

Biggest Advantage of SMP

The most significant advantage of SMP or hair tattoo in Dubai is its permanent yet flexible results. You get the exact shape and density of hairline you want, but you can also refresh the treatment later. As your circumstances, preferences, or extent of hair loss changes, you can change the pigment’s design and density, too. Moreover, if you don’t like the replicated hairline, you can permanently eliminate the pigment. However, you might need a laser session for that purpose.

Before & After Results

The results of SMP Dubai are different for each candidate due to a number of reasons. Some of our best before and after results for SMP or hair tattoo are given below.

Scalp micropigmentation before and after       Scalp micropigmentation before and after

     Scalp micropigmentation before and after

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