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Do you want to make your head count? The people miss their fallen hair badly and crave for healthy hair. This dream can be realized through advanced hair restoration in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. This page discusses how you can grow hair at thin and bald spots on your scalp, eyebrow, eyelash, and beard.

If you want to regrow hair through hair restoration, this topic is for you.


“Losing hair is more than losing hair”, says Jenny whose personal life and career suffered from twists and turns due to extreme hair loss. Then she took back the control of her life through a latest hair restoration procedure. Do you want to get back your scalps hair and joy of life? Here is how to do it:


To grow hair at thin and bald spots, experts suggest hair restoration which is a useful technique for most people. The treatments for hair restoration are no longer expensive and you can avail financing facility at our clinic.


The recommendation made by our hair restoration expert is going to deliver the best. Notable benefits include:


Though hair restoration is always an option for the victims of alopecia areata, most people with bald or thin areas can take hair transplant. It is not a gender-specific method; men and women are eligible.

  • A person with alopecia areata can take it.
  • A person who has lost hair due to trauma or burn.
  • A person having realistic expectations with the treatment outcomes.
100% Financing
100% Financing

Side Effects

With great benefits come minor and temporary side effects. Our hair restoration surgeons have been restoring the hair for a long time and they have become to reduce the side effects to a minimum level.


There is a slight chance of complications or health risks if the patient or/and hair transplant surgeon do not take proper care. At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, we take due care and guide our patients about the risks. As a result, the rate of complications for our patients is the lowest in the region.


Our professionals will explain it during the initial consultation. The procedure can be performed using a hair transplant or other technique.

If a hair transplant technique is used hair restoration, the following steps will be followed:

  • Step 1: Donor and recipient area will be marked.
  • Step 2: Anesthesia will be administered at the donor site.
  • Step 3: Follicular units will be extracted from the donor site.
  • Step 4: The extracted follicular units will be prepared for the implant.
  • Step 5: Anesthesia will be administered at the recipient site.
  • Step 6: The follicular units will be implanted at the recipient site.

Pre-OP Care

Though not a major one, this minor surgery but doctors require patients to follow some instructions to avoid complications and obtain the best out of this procedure.


Once the hair restoration is over successfully, the treatment site needs some time to heal.


Due to the treatment facility and individual differences, the rate varies from patient to patient. The following factors make up the cost:

Cost Factors:

  • Facility’s geographic location
  • Service Quality of the facility
  • Type of hair restoration selected
  • Professional’s expertise and reputation
  • Nature of hair loss, thinning, or baldness
100% Financing
100% Financing


Confirm with your insurance provider if your policy fully or partially covers hair restoration treatments. Even if they do not offer any assistance, we have a financing option for you.


Happiness is taking your treatment now and paying later. Is not it cool? So, do not want to pay now? Not an issue; take treatment loan. You pay the same price; there is no interest. Contact now to learn how it works.

Is it for You?

You might be a good candidate for hair restoration procedure if you have or had hair loss problem. One of our specialists can vet your candidacy after seeing you in person. If you could visit us, your vision becomes clear about your problem and available solutions.

Our Doctors

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Because hair matters, life can become joyful and simple again if you get back your lost hair. One of our hair restoration surgeons can explain how a hair restoration can enhance your appearance thereby making your do well in personal and work lives.

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