All of us have a particular hair growth pattern and it defines the way we look. The natural hairline may change over time but you can restore it just by trying our latest natural hairline treatment. Here is how it delivers a suitable hairline. This page discusses how our hairline treatment can fix your hairline to make it natural. Continue reading to know benefits, side effects, cost, procedure, and more about this treatment.


Receding Hairline and Beyond

Having a bigger forehead is one thing but getting a bigger forehead due to hair fall is quite another. The hairline is likely to shift a bit higher as people age and it is a natural process. This phenomenon can take place in men between ages 17 and 29.

Causes of Receding Hairline

There can be a variety of causes of receding hairline. Here are some common reasons to look for:

  • Smoking cigarettes regularly
  • Sustained over-styling of hair
  • The use of chemicals (e.g. peroxide or bleach)
  • Trying tight hairstyles (e.g. braiding & cornrows)
  • Eating a diet that’s high in saturated fat, processed foods, preservatives, and sugar.

FAQs For Natural Hairline Treatment

How to regrow hair in frontal hairline naturally?

Natural hairline treatment can be beneficial for regrowing frontal hairline. Natural remedies include onion juice, olive oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, Aloe Vera, lemon juice, egg mask, fenugreek and yogurt pack, fish oil, and geranium oil. Regularly massaging the scalp also helps.

Ways to grow hairline on the forehead?

Apart from the natural hairline treatment, medication and surgical treatments are also available for grow hairline on the forehead. Minidoxil (Rogaine) has been one of the best drugs for hair regrowth. Moreover, there is always the option of PRP and hair transplant.

What is the best treatment to regrow hairline?

While natural hairline treatment may work for mild hair loss, it doesn't work in severe cases. Some drugs, like Minidoxil and Finasteride, also work well for regrowing hair. However, currently, the best treatment to regrow hairline is a hair transplant.

What are receding hairline causes?

The two major causes of a receding hairline are hereditary transmission and hormonal changes. Men with a family history of receding hairlines suffer more from baldness. Moreover, some hormonal changes, such as menopause, can cause women to lose hair, too.

What are receding hairline stages?

There are 3 major stages of a receding hairline. Firstly, the hairline becomes uneven, usually making an "M" shape in the middle. Secondly, the temple's hair starts thinning. And finally, a bald spot may appear at the top of the head resulting in excessive hair loss.

What is best receding hairline men treatment?

As compared to the natural hairline treatment and medications, hair transplant or hair restoration surgery has proved to be the best treatment for receding hairlines in men.

What is Natural Hairline Treatment?

A natural hairline treatment tries to restore natural hairline or it can enhance hairline to give that person a better appearance. The hairline can be restored with the help of hair transplant procedure.

100% Financing
100% Financing


For those who do not have a perfect hairline, this simple procedure is likely to deliver the following benefits:

  • The person will get the required number of hair
  • The hair will keep growing naturally for a long time.
  • Recovery after this surgery will be smooth and quick.
  • Only short-term side effects are expected after having it.
  • The recovery time and downtime are not long like other surgeries.
  • The downtime is short and there is no need to take many days off.


A person can undergo a natural hairline treatment if the following applies to that person:

  • You may require to regrow naturally
  • You want to permanently solve your baldness problem.
  • Your hair loss hair problem has stopped or about to stop.
  • You do not want to have long-term side effects and long downtime.
  • You are not able to take FUT hair transplant due to tightness of your scalp.
  • You are want to have a minimally invasive and slightly surgical procedure.

Side Effects

Just like all other surgeries, this procedure also comes with some short-term and minimal side effects. Unlike most surgical treatments, the downtime is not long here and recovery will be quick.

The patient may feel minor pain after having this procedure but this issue will get resolved very soon. People are also likely to have slight bruising which will subside in soon.

The patient may also experience mild numbness in the treated area but this issue will get resolved very soon. Infections and complications are quite rare if you choose a reputed surgeon.

The recovery period is normally short and smooth. Expect the following minor and temporary side effect:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Scarring
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Numbness
  • Crust formation


This procedure is not going to be short and you have to spare a few hours for it. It is good to keep someone with you during and after the treatment.

An FUE hair transplant can be performed in 4 to 8 hours and it can be divided into the following steps:

Step 1 – In the start, the donor area will be shaved and cleaned properly.

Step 2 – Now professional will mark the treatment sites to start the treatment.

Step 3 – To avoid pain and discomfort, your doctor will now administer local anesthesia.

Step 4 – Now hair grafts will be extracted from the backside of the scalp one by one.

Step 5 – The surgeon will not prepare hair grafts for the recipient area transplantation.

Step 6 – Before starting transplantation on recipient site, anesthesia will be administered first.

Step 7 – In the end, the surgeon will transplant the extracted hair grafts on the bald (recipient) area.

Pre-Op Care

You will have to follow instruction from the surgeon even before having this treatment. In general, doctors guide you about the following points:

  • Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohols should be stopped 2 weeks before the treatment.
  • It is good to buy the medications prescribed by your existing doctor and your hair transplant surgeon.
  • The usage of medications such as blood-thinners and aspirin should also be stopped a weeks before the treatment.
  • The patient should discuss medical history and current medication intake with the hair restoration surgeon.


Taking good care of the treated areas is quite important after having this surgery. The nature and life of hair transplant results are linked to the care you take during recovery period.

In general, doctors ask to take care of the following instructions:

  • The scalp will stay sore for some time and you may have mild swelling.
  • You will have to avoid smoking cigarettes and drinking alcoholic drinks.
  • You will have to avoid taking blood-thinners and aspirin after treatment.
  • You will have to take prescribed medications and visit your doctor for checkups.
100% Financing
100% Financing

Our Hair Transplant Doctors


As each person comes with a distinct problem, doctors personalized this treatment to deliver the desired results. That is why natural hairline treatment cost may vary from person to person.

Cost Factors: The following factors influence the price of the procedure.

  • The expertise of the surgeon
  • Hair transplant technique used
  • Number of hair grafts required
  • The geographic location of the clinic

One of our experts will share price details after checking the level of hairline problem you currently have.

Consult an Expert

You should try this procedure if you want to get perfect hairline fast. One of our hair restoration experts can guide further if you want to improve your hairline.

You should visit us for a brief consultation session to learn more about this important procedure. Contact us if you want to schedule an appointment with an expert.


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