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Having expertise and immense passion for hair restoration, it’s nothing surprising to see Dr. Catagay Seizgan as a proud member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He is known by many for his artistic ventures when it comes to performing the hair transplant surgery. The hairlines designed by him are no less than a masterpiece. They look so natural and often times better than the original ones.

With over 15 years of practice, mainly in Turkey and the UAE, he surely knows how to handle each case and always opts for a holistic approach. As they say, education is a continuous process. Dr Seizgan sincerely believes that and is continuing to prowess his hair restoration skills till this day. He takes time out to attend multiple trainings and conferences in different parts of the world, mainly Turkey, UK, America, Netherlands and the Middle East.

He is best known for performing Stem Cell Hair Restoration Surgery. The number of satisfied clients around Turkey and UAE speak for his work. He is certainly one of the best doctors at “The Hair Transplant Dubai

100% Financing
100% Financing

The start of his journey begin Çukurova University’s Faculty of Medicine where he acquire his Medicine degree, Dr Sezgin passed a student exchange program examination during the very first year and then went to Madrid, Spain to complete his degree. He began his career as a general practitioner and then decided to specialize in Medicine. He then went on to join Osmangazi University Faculty of medicine where he decided to major in General Surgery. It was then when he discovered that his passion lies in hair restoration.

Dr Sezgin went on to join Osmaniye Public Hospital in Turkey. He worked there as an Assistant Chief Physician and Manager of Operating room, Emergency and Intensive Care units. He then decided to explore his passion of hair restoration surgery and established Adana Marmara Estetik, which is still one of the leading Hair transplant clinics in Turkey till this date.

He further decided to join the certification program organized by the Turkish Ministry of Health where he received his certificate as a Medical Aesthetician to cement his position in the beauty and aesthetic industry. Dr. Sezgin is known worldwide for his spectacular work and is widely known as the spectacular celebrity hair transplant surgeon.


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