Five things you learn when you have a hair transplant

Should I expect to lose my native hair immediately after a hair transplant

Hair loss and hair thinning is a common problem of both, men and women. While there are numerous promising hair loss treatments, hair transplant is still the best way to restore your lost hair. It is practiced everywhere in the world by using several different techniques. Here are a few things that you learn when you undergo a hair transplantation procedure.

#1: There are so many misconceptions about hair transplants

Most people think of a hair transplant as highly risky and costly procedure, which is actually not true. Hair transplant used to be highly invasive treatment in the past, but with the advent of new techniques such as stem cell hair transplant in Dubai, the surgical hair restoration has become minimally invasive and affordable procedure with amazingly effective and natural results.

#2: Hair transplants really work

Before you have undergone a surgical hair restoration treatment, you have exactly no idea whether a hair transplant would do it for you or not. But with the highly qualified and experienced surgeon, you can get the dreamy and desired outcomes with just few sittings. However, a hair transplant may not be applicable when you are having a running hair loss condition. [1] Because in such situations, either one does not have the potential donor hair for grafting or the after transplantation look may become unnatural.

#3: It will boost up your confidence

The bald head may be suitable for few people, but for most of us, it is horrific and discomforting to have a bald head. Losing hair can be one of the most emotionally painful things that you have gone through.

People who suffer from hair loss or baldness often lose their self-confidence and self-esteem, they usually feel helpless in that matter. However, restoring a great amount of hair with hair transplantation restores your self-confidence and self-esteem.

#4: Patience is the key to success

Despite knowing the fact the patience is the virtue, most people do not want to wait for long to see the results of something. The hair growth after a hair transplant is a slow process that takes months to display the final outcomes [2]. Hence, you will have to wait for long to see the results of your procedure, which will teach you the actual value of patience.

#5: The results are permanent

While the results of a hair transplant may take months to appear, they will stay there for the rest of your life.

In a hair transplant procedure, the donor hair grafts are taken from the areas of the scalp that are resistant to baldness. These grafts, when transplanted to the bald areas of the scalp, will keep their baldness resistant quality and do not fall-out unless a physical trauma or a severe hair illness occurs.

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Written By: Dr. Cagatay Sezgin

Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is a celebrity hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and restoration. He is the First Turkish Board Surgeon to become a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Asian Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (AAHRS). Moreover, he has the honor of becoming the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation all in one case and that too in a single session.

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