How Not to Get a Bad Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Ideas

Hair transplant procedures can be a last resort for people with extensive hair loss. It brings much of their lost hair back in a few months’ time. Sometimes hair transplants do not go as per planning. In such a case, a bad hair transplant is the result. It can be very annoying since the person ends up spending a lot of money for nothing good. In order to avoid such bad experiences, there are certain steps that a person can take. Even though there is never a guarantee of success in a surgery, the chances of achieving success are greatly boosted by them.

Know What to Expect

ExpectDo not keep lofty expectations from a single transplant surgery especially if you have extensive hair loss. If you need more than one sessions, the results from the first one will offer limited success. Do not try to force the issues. If the doctor tries to get it all done at once in such a case, a bad hair transplant may be the result.

Importance of a Good Surgeon

Good SurgeonIt is imperative that the surgeon performing the procedure is at home with the latest techniques.  The reputation and the amount of time spent in the field also counts for a lot. Search online for some respected names before making a call on your surgeon. Visiting the shortlisted options is also not a bad idea before deciding which one you want to opt for.

The Right Procedure

Hand drawing a process diagramIt is important that you choose a procedure that suits your particular needs. If you need a large number of grafts, going with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) should be done. It may not be a bad idea to opt for Stem Cell FUE as well since the success rate of grafts is a 100%. In case a smaller number of grafts are needed, strip method may be used.  The right procedure will help in getting the desired results.

Following Pre and Postoperative Instructions

InstructionsIt is very important for the success of the hair transplant that the pre and postoperative instructions are thoroughly followed. These increase the chance of achieving success as the transplanted follicles need all the support they can get at this point in time.

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