Treating Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness is a problem that is quite common in the world of today. However, there is nothing to worry about. There are several ways through which this problem can be sorted out. Many doctors and dermatologists have worked and researched on this matter and through different techniques this problem now has a solution.

If you are currently going through this problem, it is advised that you first consult a specialist so that he can guide you into treating male pattern baldness. Hair Transplant Dubai is offering first consultation for free, you can contact us as well.

Let’s take a look at how male pattern baldness can be treated.

Surgical Transplant

In this case the patient who is experiencing male pattern baldness goes through a surgical procedure. This process takes a lot of days but sorts out the male pattern baldness problem permanently. The doctor who is carrying out the surgery simply takes follicles from donor hair at one part of the head and then he puts them on areas that are experiencing baldness. This way your own hairs grow back on your head.

Non Surgical Transplant

This is a case where the doctor does not carry out a surgery but in fact restores the hair. This process is mostly used for people who are more exposed in the world and want thicker hair. In this case the hair that grow back on your head are not your own but in fact fabricated.

Natural Ways

This way is considered to be the least effective because the person who is treating his male pattern baldness eats certain natural foods that are good for healthy hair. This is for people who have recently started experiencing the male pattern baldness problem.


Many people do not really count on medicines to help them get rid of the male pattern baldness problem. This is because medicines have their own certain side effects. If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, it is advised that you first consult an expert and then refer to a medicine. These medicines have certain side effects and good dermatologists will mostly advise you against them.

If you are currently going through the problem of male pattern baldness you can contact Hair Transplant Dubai as they have the perfect experts to guide you through this issue. You can fill out the free consultation form that is given below and then meet up with our professionals for their guidance and valuable advice.


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