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All of us know how important eyebrows are for our face. If they are attractive, we look good; if they are not attractive, we may not look good. You may already know that fuller and thicker eyebrows are trendy these days. You can get attractive eyebrows by trying our latest eyebrow Hair transplant. What are your options? This blog post explains different eyebrow restoration options.

If you are interested in eyebrow restoration methods, this topic is for you.

Understanding Eyebrow Restoration

It is similar to scalp hair restoration. In this treatment, the appearance of eyebrows is restored through hair transplant or another technique. A professional plans and performs the treatment to increase the hair volume in this area. It makes you more attractive and noticeable.

Eyebrow hair transplant can grow eyebrow hair for those who do not have eyebrow hair at all. If you are a fuller and thicker eyebrow kind of person, try this procedure to define and perfect your eyebrows. There are temporary side effects and downtime is quite short.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Eyebrow Hair Restoration Options

In most cases, hair restoration surgeons use hair transplant technique to regrow a required number of hairs. a To perform a hair transplant, there are different techniques such as follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE).

FUT and FUE are two different methods for hair transplant. FUE is an advanced option that causes fewer side effects but costs a bit more than FUT. If you have thin eyebrows, you can add volume to them by taking our eyebrow hair transplant.

Cost and Expected Benefits

The cost varies from person to person and a consultation session is required to know how much a person has to pay. We have recently reduced our rates and discount offer makes it easier to take this treatment.

If you do not have enough savings at the moment, you can avail our financing option that allows you to take the treatment now and pay back in easy monthly installments. Please feel free to get in touch to know the price in your case.

Perfect Your Eyebrows Today!

Now you know different eyebrow restoration options and you can try it if you want to improve your eyebrows. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know the cost of eyebrow hair transplant. Schedule your appointment now by calling us or filling our online form.

100% Financing
100% Financing

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Written By: Dr. Cagatay Sezgin

Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is a celebrity hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and restoration. He is the First Turkish Board Surgeon to become a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Asian Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (AAHRS). Moreover, he has the honor of becoming the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation all in one case and that too in a single session.

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