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Hair transplant surgery is without any doubt the most effective and the most popular hair restoration method. But it requires your time and patience to deliver results. Expect your scalp to go worse initially, with shedding of not only transplanted hairs but also some of the existing healthy hairs in the surroundings. It normally takes 12 to 18 months for a hair transplant surgery to manifest results. And during all this time, the key is primarily patience.

Minoxidil Allows Transplanted Hair Grow Faster!

However, there are certain ways that surgeons use to speed up the post-transplant recovery process as well as for a quicker hair growth. Most surgeons recommend their patients Minoxidil (3% and 5%) as part of post-surgery protocol, believing that it helps the transplanted hairs grow faster. While there is no proven evidence to support this claim different studies have been conducted over time to determine efficacy of Minoxidil after hair transplant.

Minoxidil Helps Control Any Further Hair Loss!

A hair transplant surgery allows a person to restore a thicker head of hairs but it does not help control any further hair loss. If you are getting hair transplant at a quite young age, before 35, your hair loss is expected to progress even after surgery. In this case you will need some oral or topical cover to control progression of hair loss. Surgeons mostly recommend their patients topical Minoxidil for this purpose. However, hair loss medicines offer temporary solution and the retained hair begin to fall out as soon as the treatment is stopped. So, you will have to use Minoxidil for the rest of your life to avoid any hair loss following surgical hair restoration.

A Case Study:

A study conducted most recently tested hair transplant 12 patients aging between 21 and 60 years. They were all treated with 3% Minoxidil solution following hair transplant surgery. Minoxidil therapy started 48 to 72 hours following the surgery. Two patients showed hair growth without shedding the transplanted grafts – the shock loss phase that normally occurs 2 to 4 weeks post-transplant. Other patients also showed quick and healthy hair growth. Two of the remaining 10 patients did experience postsurgical Telogen effluvium, but hair regrowth begin within 4 weeks after shedding.

Contrary to this, patients that are not treated with Minoxidil initially shed transplanted grafts and the hair growth then starts 3 to 5 months after the surgery. Based on the above study, one can conclude that topical Minoxidil can be an important adjunctive therapy during the recovery phase post hair transplant. However, carefully controlled studies are needed to support this claim.

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