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Hair transplants which involve follicular removal have fewer scars as compared to the other method. There is only a single line which the surgeon draws and there are fewer things which need to be done in order to remove those scars. In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), things are different. There are certain round and white scars (one for each extracted unit). These scars mostly are non-detectable and have no cosmetic consequences.

While using older methods, the current techniques are often messed up or used improperly. In case the patient is a poor healer, then it is always advised that you use the current techniques. There is always a chance that scarring might end up being a huge problem for the patient. It might also be the reason why several patients back off from what they want to do.

When it comes to the recipient area, the scarring can be removed by selecting smaller recipient sites. For instance, you can take a site which is less than 1.2mm. The ones which are used in FUT or FUE are similar to these recipient sites. There is a high possibility that there are no visible marks left once you practice this technique.

Moreover, you can also use inert material in order to close the wound. You can either use stainless steel or staples. This will also minimize the destruction in your head.

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Techniques to Fix Scars

If significant amount of scarring has resulted in your head, there are quite a lot of techniques which you can use in order to fix them. The two best techniques that can be used are scar revision and camouflage. In the case of Scar Revision, you simply excise or change the direction of the scar. On the other hand, camouflage is a technique which you use the scars to grow hair on your scalp. This means that you will be growing hair on top of the scar so it remains hidden.

The thickened scars can also be flattered with the help of cortisone injections. On the other hand, depressed scars may be raised with dermal fillers. Moreover, dermabrasion or laser treatment can be used in order to amke your scalp smoother.

There are different methods through which you can easily remove hair transplant scars. One must understand that there are different methods which are to be tailored as per your needs and the situation which you are in.

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