Causes and Treatment of Male Baldness by Acell Therapy

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Male pattern baldness can occur at any age from the time of puberty to any age around 50’s. The measurement of male pattern baldness can be measured by the standard scale called the Norwood Scale. It is caused by the male hormone and your genes. It causes hair loss in a specific pattern from receding hairline to the back of the scalp, then sides and lastly whole scalp go bald.

The hair is present in a cavity called the follicle surrounded by the skin. What happens during the process of baldness is that the cavity shrinks over time causing the hair to become finer to remain fit in it. Eventually, the hair falls and does not grow back. It is possible to grow new hair in the follicle.

Examination of Male Pattern Hair Loss

The classic male pattern baldness occurs in patterns and can be diagnosed. However, if the hair loss occurs in patches, hair breakage or sudden hair loss along redness and pain might be caused by some other reasons then genes.

The surgeon usually performs a skin biopsy and some blood tests to know the actual cause of hair loss.

Treatment of Male Pattern Baldness

  • ACell + PRP Hair Growth Therapy

What is PRP?

PRP refers to platelet rich plasma. A small amount of blood is drawn from the body and placed in a centrifuge machine, which concentrates the concentration of the plasma. The concentrated plasma contains the growth factors that stimulate the hair follicles to develop.

What is ACell?

ACell has a broad range of applications that are used for the repairing of damaged tissues. It is a natural occurring protein in the skin which injected into the scalp can trigger the dormant stem cells. You may wonder what stem cell is. Stem Cells are those cells in the body that are present to maintain the damaged tissues, they work by activating other cell types for the regeneration of cells.

ACell + PRP

ACell therapy Dubai helps to slow down the process of thinning. Hair loss should be fought at an early stage so as to maintain the hair as long as possible.

Procedure of ACell + PRP Therapy

Local anesthesia is injected into the scalp to numb it. Some amount of blood that is extracted is centrifuged and ACell therapy is prepared to be injected into the scalp. The procedure is quick, maximum it takes about 90 minutes to complete. Some individuals may suffer sore scalp but that would heal in 48 hours.

Who can benefit from ACell + PRP THERAPY?

ACell therapy Dubai is a very effective treatment to slow down the hair loss and improve the growth and quality of hair follicles. It can be done by

  • Patients who are suffering from male and female pattern hair loss.
  • Decreased hair growth
  • Those who suffering from Alopecia Areata


The results of ACell therapy Dubai are amazing and within six months new hair become visible in four to six months after the procedure. Depending on the area treated, hair become thick and dense. The results last for years.

A number of injections of ACell+PRP can be done to achieve specific results. Some patients experience significant hair growth after just one treatment.

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We at Dubai Hair Transplant clinic provide the best facilities for hair loss treatments. Many people who have got ACell therapy Dubai done have experienced a significant gain in the hairs. If you want to consult with our surgeon you can get a Free Consultation. You can discuss your hair loss issues for the best suitable treatment.


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Written By: Dr. Cagatay Sezgin

Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is a celebrity hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and restoration. He is the First Turkish Board Surgeon to become a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Asian Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (AAHRS). Moreover, he has the honor of becoming the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation all in one case and that too in a single session.

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