If you do not have full beard volume or there are bald areas in your beard and you want to have a fuller and more masculine beard, look no further than our latest beard hair transplant. This page discusses how much beard hair transplant cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

If you have bald or thin spots in your beard, this topic is for you.


Cost-Benefit Analysis for Beard Hair Transplant

The beard hair transplant delivers plenty of benefits if you choose the right technique and professional. If we check its great benefits, beard transplant cost in Dubai seems very low. Furthermore, it is no longer an expensive procedure; the rates have dropped in recent years. The price structure varies from state to state within the UAE. The pricing is often different in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Beard Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

As a matter of fact, beard hair transplant cost in Abu Dhabi varies from person to person. It is due to the reason that the cost is calculated by determining some variable factors. The notable cost-defining factors have been discussed below:

  • Technique Used: FUT and FUT technique are mostly used and their rates are different.
  • Facility’s Quality: The service quality is the main factor that determines the cost. In other words, the better the quality, the higher the price.
  • Number of Grafts: The number of hair the person needs also matters. If a person needs 250 hairs, she or he has to pay less than the person who needs 500 hairs.
  • Geographic Location: The beard transplant Dubai price is heavily reliant on the geographic location of the patient. Mean to say, the patient may have to pay more in Dubai than that of Sharjah.
  • Professional’s Expertise: The reputation, qualification, and experience of the patient is a major determinant of the treatment’s price.

 Beard Hair Transplant cost at Our Clinic

As a matter of fact, each hair transplant case is different. It is due to the reason that people have different needs and expectations when they plan to undergo a beard hair transplant. At the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic, we understand individual differences and always customize the procedure to fulfill the needs of each and every patient. That is why pricing varies from person to person.

100% Financing
100% Financing

Health Insurance Plans and Financing Options

Most health insurance providers do not cover cosmetic treatments such as beard hair transplant in Dubai. First of all, check with your insurance provider if you want them to pay for this treatment. Secondly, the Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has a perfect solution for you if your policy does not cover it.

You do not have medical insurance? No problem! You do not want to pay in full? Not an issue! The Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has got you covered. Our financing option allows you to fund your treatment through an interest-free loan. You take treatment now and pay in easy monthly installments.

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In essence, beard hair transplant is your way to go if you want enhancement in the beard or mustache area. If you have questions about our beard hair transplant cost in Dubai, one of our hair restoration surgeons would love to guide you further.

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