How to Style Your Hair if You’re Balding

You have recently entered your late 30’s and one fine day you see the mirror and realize that your hairline is receding, what do you do? Well, don’t panic for a start. You are a man. Stop worrying about such petty issues and try to adapt like you always have. Male balding is just like the first time you try swimming. The first time the water scares you, but later you become used to it and even become a master.

There are several different ways through which you can actually look good even if you are bald. Let’s see how you might want to style your hair.

Clean Shaven

Clean shave

Rather than showing the people your ugly patches of hair, you can actually go for clean shaved head. People with a relatively bigger head often actually pull this look off perfectly well. Simply take a blade and remove each and every single hair on your head. Obviously this look will require maintenance, but if you are able to pull it off, there will no more worries about styling your hair anymore.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut

Less people actually want to opt for the buzz cut; little do they know it is actually a style. Jason Statham has always managed to pull this look off and you can too. You simply have to ask your barber to cut the hair line perfectly. You can even use a blade to cut through the edges and make a perfect clean line across your forehead.

Short Caesar Cut

Caesar cut

Do you know about Julius Caesar? Well, during his time he was one of the strongest, most powerful and the most stylish person in the world. That style has actually managed to carry on. The short Caesar cut suits every person. You just need to know how to carry it well.

Shaggy Layers


If you are still in the phase where you can’t believe that you are losing hair, but you still are; the shaggy layers are the thing for you. These are meant for people who have just started losing a little bit of hair but still have something on their scalp. Simply cut yourself through to the shaggy layers and you will most definitely look good.

Power Donut

Training FC Bayern München

It’s known as the power donut because most powerful people in the world are pulling this look off right now. In this style there are hairs on your scalp near your ears and at the back as well. The middle and front of your head is all bald.

Well, these are the ways through which you can easily sort out your hair falling issues and get to know how to style your hair if you’re balding. If you have any queries regarding your male baldness, you can always contact Hair Transplant Dubai and they can sort problems out for you. Fill out the free consultation form that is given below.


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