Hair Transplant Financing Options

hair transplant financing

Do you wish to get a Hair Transplant Surgery done to restore a fuller head of hair, but money is the major obstacle that is preventing you from achieving your desired youthful looks. Stop worrying! You have finally landed in the right place. At Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic we understand your financial constraints and therefore we have devised a “Financing Plan” for you.

Hair Transplant – The Best Hair Loss Solution

After having tried almost every oil, herb and medicine, hair loss patients simply wish for a miracle that could help them restore a thicker head of hair. This is exactly when a Hair Transplant Surgery comes into the picture. If you are also fed up of all these temporary hair loss solutions and you are seeking an effective cure, look no further than surgical hair restoration. By far, it is the only hair loss treatment that allows a balding man get back permanent, natural-looking hair.

Hair Transplant Financing:

No doubt you have to pay a little more for surgical hair restoration, but this should not deter you from opting for the solution, especially if you are somewhere in the United Arab Emirates or the neighboring Gulf countries. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic has a solution for anyone seeking a highly professional and safe hair transplant in Dubai. We have a smart “Financing Plan” to help you overcome the money issues and bring you closer to getting your desired hair density.

The Financing Plan:

To benefit from our highly convenient financing plan, the only pre-requisite* is to be a credit card holder from one of either bank:

  • National Bank Abu Dhabi
  • First Gulf bank

Primarily we have four financing plans for our esteemed clients – 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 12-month plan. Anyone with a credit from either of the aforementioned banks can get the surgery done by simply swiping the card at our clinic. But this is only done after you have consulted with the bank and agreed upon the financial plan. Once the surgery has been carried out, you can avail one of our financing plans. What makes our Financing Plan a stand out is the fact that there is 0% upfront payment and 0% interest on the credit card, which is not the case with most of the other clinics offering hair transplant financing.

The Added Perks:

  • You can simply put your financial worries behind and think about you revamped look, since we will be taking care of your financial matters before and after surgery.
  • You don’t have to pay any up-front cost, prepayment penalties or annual fees.
  • Once your card is swiped, after 2 to 4 hours processing time, hair transplant becomes a reality rather than a dream


To know more about your financing options, contact us now and let our staff guide you in a better way. If you are interested in availing our Hair Transplant Financing Plan, book a FREE CONSULTATION now by filling the form below. One of our experts will contact you at the earliest and share with you your options. Fill the form below now and take your first step towards an affordable Hair Transplant Surgery in Dubai.

*Financing plan is offered only for surgeries costing 10,000 AED and more.


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