How Much Hair Transplant costs around the world

Deciding to opt for a hair transplant procedure is not an easy decision. It’s a life changing experience for most of us. Whether good or bad, outcomes are irreversible. So, you better be ready to put your back in countless hours of research, if you want it to be a good experience and to avoid any future medical complications.


Your Candidacy for hair transplant surgery can depend on certain factors, such as

Your Age1

Your Age

Your expectations2

Your expectations

Severity of your hair loss3

Severity of your hair loss

Progression of future hair loss4

Progression of future hair loss

Most people qualify as a good candidate for hair transplant procedure depending on the above listed factors, except the affordability of the procedure.


As, hair transplant can be a pretty expensive procedure, and costs can fluctuate in different areas and facilities. There are also a lot of other aspects that determine the cost of the procedure, such as

Type of facility you choose
Experience & expertise of the surgeon
Type of the procedure you choose
of grafts
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  1. Pre-op preparations (if need be)
  2. Transportation and travel costs
  3. PRP or any other reparative therapy
  4. Post-op care and medications costs
Location is of the utmost importance when determining what hair transplant would cost you, as locations often define the quality of the doctor and the facility available in that vicinity.
People often settle for high priced and high profile clinics, as they assure quality procedure and results. But some prefer traveling to different destinations in bid for cheaper options. Although results and quality of the procedure may not differ in high priced and low priced locations, but the economical and regional factors of different countries make prices drastically differ.

Below is map of different countries that lists prices in each country. Please select the country from the map or by the tab shown in the map to view details of how much a 3000 grafts FUE hair transplant would cost you on average.
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Above mentioned cost are just of the hair transplant surgery, excluding the extras. It does not always have to come down on your financial status, if you’re willing to travel to a different country, there are some great options available. But if you’re rather satisfied with a high profile or high priced clinic, its fine too. It’s the matter of whichever you’re comfortable with and what suits you the best.
Most of the clinics do offer medical tourism packages that include all the travel or transportation, pre-post procedure medical care, and accommodation costs. Also, there are some private owned firms available such as medigo that offer easy medical tourism packages in many countries.
But beware, never settle for some cheap facility just thinking of the cost benefits. Do your research properly on both the facility and the surgeon. Only proceed when you are satisfied and at ease with the surgeon you’ve decided to opt with. Because poorly done procedure or medical complications during or after the procedure are going to be with you long-term, so take every precaution you can.
Often times, people get better results at cheaper clinics as compared to high priced ones. So, cost is not really a major factor in predicting the quality of the procedure you can get.


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