Can a Hair Transplant Be Used to Create a New Hairline?


Hair-fall is a concern to many people these days. Most of the people like to see in the mirror and admire their beauty. Having thick, dark and beautiful hairs is the dream that everyone wishes to be true for him/her. Moreover, hairs have become an essential asset for many people these days as they define the personality, that’s why no one wants to lose them. One of the very first indications of hair-fall is the thinning of the forelocks over the forehead. This thinning can cause baldness that usually starts from forehead line. The hair transplant techniques that are used to regain hairs from the scalp area can also be used to restore the hairline on your desire.


Importance of Hairline

The hairline is the line at the top of the head from where the hairs begin. Hairline has a significant role in forming a proper face look, genuinely speaking hairline is very important in the richness of the face. Surgeons need to take extra care while constructing and designing a hairline as it is crucial in restoring the old look commonly in male pattern baldness. In many cases, it is observed that the unnatural designing of hairline make you look ugly after having a hair transplant. Make sure to discuss your surgeon about this before getting into any procedure of hair transplant.


Hair Transplants Used to Create a New Hairline

Hair transplants that are used to restore male pattern baldness are ideal in this case. All you need to do is, discuss with your surgeon about the exact position of the hairline before going into hair transplant procedure.

A good hair transplant surgeon will first examine if you are a suitable candidate of hair transplant or not and after that, he/she will customize the proper shape of the hairline that is needed to be drawn according to your natural look. The surgeon will consider your facial contour, natural look, gender, age and your desired look. It is vital that the surgeon understands the look that you wish for.


Follicular Hair Transplant (FUE/FIT)

Follicular hair transplant (FUE) is an invasive technique. It is an extraction of hairs follicles from the donor area with a punching tool and then harvested at recipient area where the baldness occurs. People who need less downtime and speedy recovery are ideal for choosing follicular hair transplant for their hairs. In the case of the hairline, FUE is the best suitable hair transplant as it requires numerous follicles at donor area, tight scalp, and hair fall should be under control before going for a FUE hair transplant.

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