Until recently, Salons had been purely using cosmetics to create the illusion of volume of the natural hair. All hair products or treatments were just applied on top of the head to give a look of thick hair and the scalp was completely ignored. But these were just temporary solutions which didn’t cure the underlying problem of hair loss but were used just to hide it.

There have been many innovations in the field of hair restoration in recent years and a lot of hair loss cure options are available today.

Advancement in the Hair Loss Treatments:

Due to the advancements in the field of hair restoration, new treatments such as PRP Therapy and Mesotherapy were introduced and are now being used as an effective treatment to cure hair loss.

The treatment is performed on the scalp to control further hair loss

There are many hair loss treatments but here you will learn the difference between PRP Therapy vs. Mesotherapy and also that which one is better for your hair loss.

Forget the Other Traditional Hair Loss Therapies:

Traditional hair transplants to cure hair loss can leave scars after the surgery and can be painful. People who are victims and suffering from hair thinning or partial hair loss, need a least invasive treatment to cure it.

So here they will get to know that which non-surgical option is better and shows better results.

PRP Therapy:

  • One of the most effective treatments of the present age is PRP Therapy. It involves the extraction of patient’s own blood from the suitable parts of the body and then injecting it back into the scalp regions where treatment is needed.
  • This is the main reason which makes it a safe procedure because it reduces the post-surgical reactions like side effects, infections, and complications.
  • Another quality is that it can be combined with the either surgical or non-surgical hair transplant method.


  • It involves the administration of numerous micro-injections to the middle/dermal layer of the skin. The injections contain vitamins, minerals, collagens, acids, and enzymes.
  • It helps to boost cell metabolism and it also helps to enhance the blood circulation of the surrounding areas. Now have a look at the difference between PRP Therapy vs. Mesotherapy that which one is better for the treatment of your hair loss.

 Difference between PRP Therapy vs. Mesotherapy

                 PRP Therapy

1.      PRP involves multiple injections of platelet-enriched plasma.

2.      PRP injections can be applied to any layer of the skin for the treatment of hair loss.

3.      PRP therapy is much cheaper as compared to Mesotherapy.

4.      Consumes less time in the procedure.

5.      This non-surgical hair loss treatment can show expected results in just one procedure and it can treat all kinds of hair loss including: :

•         Male Pattern Baldness

•         Female Pattern Baldness

•         Hypotrichosis

•         Alopecia Areata

•         Metabolic Hair Loss

6.      Autologous, the PRP is extracted from the patient’s own blood, which makes it a safer hair loss therapy as compared to Mesotherapy.

7.      PRP therapy can also be used to boost recovery after hair transplant due to its property of speeding up the recovery process.

8.      All wounds during the PRP procedure heals in almost 3-6 months.

9.      PRP therapy also has the low chances of shock loss/ temporary shedding of natural hair.


1.      Mesotherapy involves injecting one’s skin with injections containing hyaluronic acid and a concoction of enzymes and nutrients.

2.      But Mesotherapy is only applied on the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm).

3.      Mesotherapy is expensive as compared to PRP therapy.

4.      It involves more time in comparison to PRP.

5.      It can only treat Alopecia Areata and some patients may require more than one treatment to get the desired results.

6.      Injections of customized cocktail of pharmaceutical and homeopathic drugs, minerals, vitamins, plant extracts and enzymes into the scalp.

7.      Mesotherapy can’t be used with the other hair transplant procedure.

8.      Healing and recovery process is slow and wounds heal in more time as compared to PRP therapy.

9.      Mesotherapy has more chances of shock loss.

The Trend to use Medications and other Short-term treatments are Over now:

Nowadays no one wants to use medications and short term treatments for the treatment of their hair loss. And if you are experiencing hair loss then you too must look for a more permanent option.

Because medications and other short-term treatments can cause various risks including side effects, allergies, itching, scarring, inflammation, soreness, irritation etc.

Arrange an Appointment with the Trichologist for Proper Guidance:

But before getting any sort of hair loss treatment, it would be better if you consult a trichologist for the evaluation of your scalp. So that he will examine your scalp thoroughly and afterward will recommend you the appropriate treatment option according to your hair loss condition and type.

PRP Therapy Dubai from the Hair Transplant Clinic:

If you are looking to get PRP therapy in Dubai from hair transplant Dubai clinic then book a consultation today and you will be able to see the desired results in short span of time. Because the hair loss treatment procedures are performed by the experienced and well-qualified surgeons.