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One season that does not allow you to wear high-maintenance manes is summer. Soaring temperatures, couples with humidity and occasional heat waves make it nearly impossible to wear hairstyles involving long hair like the famous summer bounce, side sweep or side fringes, especially if you are living in a warm climate like the Unites Arab Emirates or the neighboring gulf countries. Therefore, it is always recommended to wear a hairstyle that stays ups with minimal effort on your part and does not bother you as the temperature or humidity levels surge.

If you are also planning to get a haircut this summer, start by looking into your lifestyle you have and your level of activity. For summers, hairstylists recommend men to wear hair styles that keep hairs short and do not require any products at all. Wear any of these Top 3 Summer Hair Styles for Men and keep cool all summer.

The Buzz Cut:

The traditional buzz cut has always remained in fashion, in one form or another. But it is a particularly favored style during the scorching heat of summers, and there is a reason behind that – men are pretty simple and they don’t want to spend hours in front of mirror doing their hair. Therefore they mostly look for hairstyles that do not need require maintenance.

If you are an active person who loves to walk, jog and spend time in gym almost daily, this means you have to take shower quite often and buzz cut may be an ideal option for you. Get this low-maintenance cut and look smart on sweltering days. All that it requires for its maintenance is a 3-minutes head wash followed by towel drying and you are ready to attend both a formal as well as informal gathering.

The Classic Crew:

If you are not a great fan of nearly bald appearance, you can always opt for the classic crew cut. It not only allows you to wear a somewhat fuller head of hair but also give you more hairstyling options, and is thus regarded as the best summer hair cut.

But to wear a classic crew cut, there are some pre-requisites that you should meet. Firstly, you should have the right shape and secondly hairstyling products to pull it off. Classic crew suits the best to men with oval or round head. If you have a square head shape, or a broad face with pronounced jaw line or a protruding chin, this hair style may make it more prominent.

As far as hair products are concerned, hairstylists recommend use of a natural looking cream to hold your hair without adding the stiffness of a mouse or gel. Be very careful when selecting the cream and make sure it is not very oily.

Short on Sides, Long on Top:

If classic crew does not offer you enough hair to play with during summers, this hairstyle may be the one you should try. This hairstyle is for the men who don’t mind spending a few extra minutes in front of mirror styling their locks. This simple yet stylish cut leaves short hairs on the sides and at the back, thus keeping sweat trapping hair off your face and neck, allowing for comfort from the heat during hot months. A longer top, on the other hand, offers versatility. Difference between the lengths of on top and side will determine how classic your hair cut looks.

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