Trichology and Hair Loss


Trichology is a study of scalp and hair and problems associated with both of them. A trichologist is the one who masters the science of trichology. A great trichologist Dubai will treat your hair problems including breakage, baldness, scalp conditions and all forms of alopecia. He/ she can help you maintain health of your hair and provide you in depth guide of how to care for your hair to maintain its luster and shine.

Consultation with a trichologist…

There are various reasons why people prefer to go visit a trichologist instead of a doctor. If you choose to go for a trichologist instead of doctor at your local hospital, you will benefit with at least an hour long consultation. Trichologists take into consideration all aspects of an individual’s life which includes medical history, lifestyle, diet, treatments for your hair and external factors that might influence the well being of your hair.

Detailed examination of scalp…

Trichologist Dubai will carry out complete examination of your scalp to make sure your scalp’s health is in check. He will look for any scalp conditions that might trigger hair fall. He will check if your scalp is suffering from any kind of infections including dandruff, ring worm, eczema and many others.

Detailed examination of hair…

Trichologist will carefully examine your hair strands. The hair color, texture and damage being done to your hair, are all looked for. He will perform different checks to determine the extent of damage. If any underlying medical cause is detected, he/ she will usually advice to you to go visit a doctor.

What to expect…

Trichologist is no substitute for a hair transplant surgeon. Trichologist however, understands your hair. Trichologist is a hair genius. You can think of trichologist Dubai as a hair advisor. He/ She can pin point all the problems associated with your hair and highlight all the reasons behind it. He/ She can work in combination with your hair stylist to choose the right kind of cut, chemical and treatment for your hair. He/ She can also work with your transplant surgeon to make sure you get best out of your transplant.

You don’t necessarily have to visit a trichologist dubai if you are encountering any visible problems with your scalp and hair. You can visit to make sure that your hair maintains its health and glory. Many celebrities regularly visit trichologists to make sure their hair is always looking great. However, like any other health person, you must do subsequent research before going to a trichologist. Consider their repute and have a look at reviews of people. Choose the right person; it’s a matter of your hair….


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