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Many of my friends blame UAE for triggering hair loss when they move here and often seen seeking hair loss treatment in Dubai. It is not only hair loss that is associated with the hot and humid Dubai, but there are also several other hair woes which people are often found complaining about. These include dryness, hair discoloration, dandruff, dullness, split ends and flaky and itchy scalp. All of these issues are serious but what is considered as the worst is hair loss problem.

Last night, one of my friends showed me her frizzy locks and discolored hair, saying that, “I have always had lovely hair, but since moving to Dubai, three months back, I am now losing it.” She asked me to recommend some effective hair treatment in Dubai. This prompted me to share with you facts about the relationship of hair health and Dubai.

Hair Loss Causes:

Continue reading to know why hair loss is more common in UAE than other Asian countries.

  • Desalinated Water

Desalinated water supplied in Dubai and other states of the UAE may not be the best water for your hair, but it is not the worst either. However, since it has a bit higher concentration of minerals and salts than normal water, most of the people find it drying and damaging to their hair. If you also feel that your shampoo is not making leather properly or your hair have started losing its shine, use bottled water for a final rinse. Use the same technique to prevent your hair from damage caused by pool water. You can also use some good quality water softener to retain the shine and sheath of your delicate hair.

  • Ultraviolet Rays of Sun

Great flowing hair and the sun are two wonderful elements, especially when the sunlight kisses the hair into golden strands. But do you know how damaging the Ultraviolet sun rays are for your delicate tresses? It can break down hair proteins, causing them to look dull and weaken their tensile. This makes your delicate hair shafts prone to breakage. People with thicker hair have some natural resilience against UV rays damage, but the people with fine hair are at greater risk.

Prevention and Protection Are Better Than Cure:

The best hair loss treatment lies in your own hand, and it is protection. There are a number of hair care products with inbuilt UV protection. Pick a shampoo or conditioner with UV shield and some extra proteins in it. Apply the sun protection to your tresses as you step out during day time. Having that said, physical protection is the best. Don’t forget to put a physical barrier between your hair and the sunlight whenever possible. Use a hat or umbrella or whatever you like according to the situation, but protect your hair from the direct sunlight just like you protect your skin.

Is It Really Dubai

If you have eliminated the above causes and are still unable to control hair loss or solve other hair issues, it’s maybe something else which is damaging your hair. There are numerous other causes as well including unhealthy diet, stress, anxiety, genetics, and hormones. Consult a doctor for evaluation and ask him to suggest you some really effective hair loss treatment in Dubai.

A Permanent Hair Loss Solution

If you think that you’ve lost enough hairs, and need something more than protective measures, there are great hair loss treatments in Dubai. Besides wigs and hairpieces, which are temporary and difficult to maintain solutions, there are a lot of clinics offering hair transplant in Dubai. A lot of options mean that you can get the best quality at less cost.

Women Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai:

Since women suffer from generalized hair thinning over the entire scalp and rarely experience prominent bald patches, they are not recommended hair transplant. Rather, different topical medicines are prescribed to overcome hair loss problem and regrow new hair. But if hair loss is severe and there are some bald patches as well then even females can benefit from hair loss surgery.

Men Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai:

The best and permanent solution for hair loss in men is hair transplant surgery. Men are genetically predisposed to pattern hair loss and baldness. This type of hair loss is usually permanent and does not reverse through medications, and even if it does, the results are not permanent. Hairs begin to fall off as soon as the treatment is discontinued. This is why surgeons mostly recommend men hair transplant in Dubai.

Selection of a qualified and experienced surgeon is very important. If you select a good clinic and a good surgeon, you will most probably get the best results.


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Written By: Dr. Cagatay Sezgin

Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is a celebrity hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and restoration. He is the First Turkish Board Surgeon to become a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Asian Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (AAHRS). Moreover, he has the honor of becoming the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation all in one case and that too in a single session.

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