How Long Does it Take for the Hair to Grow

For people with hair loss, the hair transplant procedures are nothing less than a blessing. They allow them to regain the hair and their youthful look. Best of all, it provides a person with all the confidence that may have been lost dye to the hair fall. It is important to understand that the hair transplant procedure will no bear fruit overnight. It takes some time for the new hair to grow and it is a wait that everyone goes through. It is in fact often said that the hair start looking worse before they look better after a transplant procedure.

The time taken in the complete growth of new hair varies. For some people, this could be a year, for others it can be a further six months. To understand why it takes this much time, it is important to understand the whole process.

Post-Operative Care

Once the hair transplant surgery has taken place, it is important to follow all the post-operative steps the doctor has recommended. It is crucial for the best results to be had. The wounds from the surgical incisions and follicle extraction will heal in a couple of weeks. Some discomfort may remain for a week or more.


After the transplant, the new hair that have been put away will fall in a period of four to six weeks. This is known as shedding and it is perfectly normal after a hair transplant. These give way for the new hair to grow.

Shock Loss

Some healthy hair are lost after the transplant in shock loss. The hair transplant surgery is a traumatic event for the scalp and shock loss is the reaction to this trauma. This can occur both in the donor and recipient area. The hair will grow back in a couple of months in most cases unless the lost follicles had already been miniaturized.

Initial Growth of New Hair

Small hair will grow in about three months’ time. Generally it takes six months for small hair to grow in all the recipient areas. When the hair are coming out, it can cause a fair bit of itching.

Complete Hair Growth

The complete hair growth will mostly be done in 12 months. Sometimes it can take a further period of six months. After this period, the new hair integrate well with the existing hair and look completely natural.

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