Best Non Surgical Treatments for Hair Loss in Dubai

Are you struggling with hair loss? Are you just on the verge to succumb to this devastating condition? Hold on! You need to try one of these really effective non-surgical treatments for hair loss.

There are many hair loss treatments available nowadays, but not all of them are equally effective. Most of the so-called effective treatments simply worsen the condition, and even those which are actually effective, bring with them a list of risks and complications. A good hair loss treatment must be effective, affordable, with minimum or no side effects. Here is a list of 4 highly effective Non-surgical treatments for hair loss. Discuss these options with your trichologist and opt for the one that suits you the most.

  1. ACell/PRP Hair Loss Treatment

ACell/PRP hair loss treatment is an advancement of simple PRP therapy. PRP alone is quite effective in controlling hair loss and stimulating hair growth in affected areas. But to further enhance its effects, synthetic growth factors are added to it. ACell is an Extracellular Matrix that is added to PRP to counter Androgenic Alopecia, aka Male Pattern Baldness. It is a synthetic protein that is known for healing damaged tissues. When used for hair loss treatment, it strengthens androgenically miniaturized follicles. Together ACell and PRP strengthen the damaged follicles and trigger healthy hair growth.

  1. Mesotherapy Hair Loss Treatment

It is a virtually non-surgical, non-invasive technique which involves injecting a nutrient rich solution into the target tissues in mesoderm, just below the epidermis. The chemical cocktail injected into the scalp comprises of a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which can be tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Chances of hair regrowth with Mesotherapy are 90-92%, claims a study, as opposed to the 50-60% success achieved with medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride.

  1. PRP Hair Loss Therapy

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma, a yellowish fluid obtained from the patient’s own blood, by processing the blood sample in a specially designed apparatus. PRP is a rich source of growth factors which work by stimulating adult stem cells present in the scalp. When activated, the stem cells trigger robust hair growth. It is a simple lunch hour procedure that does not require any special care before and after treatment.

  1. SMP hair loss treatment

SMP stands for Scalp MicroPigmentation, another effective non-surgical baldness solution. As is obvious from the name, SMP involves injecting a specially designed pigment in the dermal layer of the scalp skin to create the simulation of natural looking head of hair. The physician administers a highly specialized pigment into the middle layer of the scalp at different angles and depths. This helps to create an appearance of natural looking hair in the areas that have permanently lost the ability to grow hair. The pigments used for SMP hair loss treatment technique are specially designed and thus do not fade out or smear over time. And if at any stage you want to get rid of the pigmented hairline, a single laser session will be helpful. The biggest drawback of SMP technique is that you will not get the feel of natural hair, nor you will be able to wear long hair.

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