Are hair transplants Permanent?

There are certain questions which revolve in everyone’s mind before they decide to take a decision regarding hair transplantation. It is advised that you must always consult a specialist or an expert in the field so they can help you out with everything that you do.

Hair transplant is a process where the surgeon takes follicles from the donor side and then places them in the bald area of the scalp. This way the scalp starts to grow natural hair so that the bald area can be fully covered.

However, people need to know whether the hairs that you grow after the surgery are going to remain forever or will they eventually fade away as well. Obviously, since you are spending so much on hair transplant, you would want it to last for a long period of time.

Effects Vary According to Age

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iconExperts around the globe claim that the final effects of hair transplant depend directly on the age of the person who is getting a transplant.

iconIt is safe to say that restoring hair through transplantation is just like painting on a canvas. As you keep on painting through the canvas, the paint keeps spreading.

iconHowever, a hair transplant surgeon first needs to know how much paint he/she has to work with. If there are few donor hairs, it means that you can’t plant a lot of hairs on the bald area of the scalp. Similarly, more donor hair can help the surgeon in a better way.

iconIf you are young and you are losing hair, doctors suggest that you should shave your head. This is because a larger patch cannot be transplanted, plus the doctor will have to go through a lot of sessions in order to help you get through the bald patches on your head. Moreover, there is always a possibility that there are not enough donor hairs to plant on the scalp.

It is Permanent Only if…

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iconIt can be said that the transplanted hair are permanent, but for that you need to take the hair follicles from a safe donor area. Unfortunately, there is never a 100% safe donor area on the scalp. If you are very young, this safe area diminishes in case you are balding.

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