Warwick Davis ‘Undergoes £10000 Hair Transplant


“Star Wars legend Warwick Davis has recently undergone a Robotic Hair Transplant Surgery”

The Robotic hair transplant is a well approved surgical hair restoration procedure that is done by extracting hair follicles from the donor area with the help of an automated tool or “Robot”.

Warwick Davis was experiencing a receding hairline for several years. In that duration, he was becoming more and more self-conscious as the time passed, sources revealed.

After facing it for so many years, Warwick Davis had decided to undergo a surgical hair restoration to restore the hair on his scalp.

The actor, director Warwick Davis may get his desired hair density after 10 to 12 months, but he is already considering his surgery as a successful and he is quite satisfied with that.

Let’s have a look at Robotic Hair Transplant:

Robotic hair transplant is a revolutionary advancement in the field of hair Transplantation techniques. This technique speeds up the hair transplantation procedure by allowing the surgeon to extract hair follicles with an automated tool that has a lot more precision and accuracy as compared to the manual method.

How does it work?

It is an advanced method that is consisted of a robotic arm that has graft extraction, video images, and site creation capabilities.

Robotic extraction

In the process of graft extraction, the automated system is used to pluck the hair follicles from the donor sites, as programmed by the surgeon. This system has the ability to extract hundreds of hair follicles in a single session. The built-in software of the robot helps the specialist to specify the exact size and length of the follicle. The automated process minimizes the possibility of follicles damage during extraction and implantation.

Site Creation

The robot is also essential in making the recipient sites to place the obtained grafts. The specialist prepares an optimal plan for site creation by using the software system present in the robot. There are numerous factors to consider while preparing the recipient sites to make the surgery successful. These include an angle of hair elevation, average density, site depth and a number of recipient site incisions. The surgeon programs these parameters into the robot and implements the plan with a speed that cannot be achieved with the hand.

How to prepare for the surgery?

You need to consider following factors while preparing yourself for the Robotic hair transplant.

  • Abstain from taking blood-thinning medicines for at least 2 weeks
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption for few days before the procedure
  • Avoid cuts and incisions on your scalp before the surgery
  • Don’t take aspirin and other anti-inflammatories for 15 days before the treatment


You will be guided properly by your surgeon on how to prevent yourself after the treatment to get the desired outcomes. Here are few of the tips on aftercare of the procedure.

  • It is recommended to get an off day from your routine after the treatment
  • Avoid blood thinners for next 15 days at least (as recommended by your surgeon)
  • Avoid beta-blockers vitamin E supplements as they are also blood thinners
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption till your surgeon recommends.


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Written By: Dr. Cagatay Sezgin

Dr. Cagatay Sezgin is a celebrity hair transplant surgeon with over 20 years of experience in hair transplantation and restoration. He is the First Turkish Board Surgeon to become a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and the Asian Association of Hair Transplant Surgeons (AAHRS). Moreover, he has the honor of becoming the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to perform hair, eyebrow, and beard transplantation all in one case and that too in a single session.

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