hair breakage causes

Are your hairs breaking off more and more? Searching web to find out and effective solution for frayed ends? Battling with dull, dry, damaged and frizzy strands? Or your hairs have just stopped growing? If your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then take a deep breath and just relax, as you have finally reached the right place. Here we will share with you some common causes of hair breakage as well as solution to all of them. Continue reading to know what is preventing your hairs from growing at their fastest pace.

Walk into any store and you will be bombarded with legions of shampoos, conditioners and serums claiming to fight damage and frizz, and control hair breakage instantly. But you know what; they are stuffed with chemicals which may help you recover from your current problem, but trigger a number of other hair woes, with hair loss being at the top of the list. And even if it does not cause any side effect, without determining and fixing the underlying cause, don’t you even think of fixing any problem. Read on to know 4 causes and solution for hair breakage.

  1. Lack of Moisture and Oil:

    Dry and damaged fragile hairs are most commonly caused by lack of moisture and healthy oils. One of the obvious signs of dry hairs is a gentle crackling noise produced as you comb ends of your hairs. This is because of the frizz in the ends as well as due to hair breakage. Every hair follicle has a sebaceous gland attached to it, responsible for producing natural oils that keep a certain level of moisture in your hair shafts. How quickly these oils reach the tip of the hair, varies from one hair type to another. The silkier and straighter your hair is, the faster the process. But by excessive shampooing, you simply remove these healthy oils from your hairs, leaving behind dry and fragile strands.

Solution: Wash your hair less frequently and don’t forget to condition them properly. Make oiling and massaging essential parts of your hair care regimen.

  1. Over Processing:

    Another common cause of hair breakage is over processing. Use of hairstyling tools is quite common these days. Gone are the days when you had to book an appointment with your stylist to straighten, curl or perm your hairs. With hairstyling tools easily available in the market, girls are blow drying and straightening hairs daily, not knowing that this is damaging their delicate locks, making them prone to breakage. Heat from these tools simply fries your strands, changing their texture.

Solution: Stop frying your strands. Limit use of styling tools as much as possible. Your best bet is to wear your natural kinks confidently.

  1. Poor Diet:

    Probably no need to explain the importance of diet, but still let me tell you for one last time that all that you eat translates into the your hairs and skin. Eat healthy, keep your locks healthy and vice versa. Lacking essential nutrients in your daily diet not only makes your hair prone to breakage but in worst case scenario, it may also trigger hair loss, a situation that you obviously won’t want to face, no matter what.

Solution: If poor eating habits is the reason, simply start eating healthy from today and you will see the results within a couple of months. Incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

  1. Stress and Anxiety:

Stress and anxiety are also associated with your hair health. Stress is among the most common causes of Telogen effluvium – a type of hair loss. If you are mentally or physically stressed out, it will start appearing on your face and in your hairs. You will look pale, exhausted and most probably wrinkly as well, whereas your hairs will start losing their shine and silkiness.

Solution: Simply manage your stress. Get involved in healthy activities like exercise, yoga etc.

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