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Hair Transplant Dubai

If you have ever thought about Hair transplantation or seen someone who had Hair transplantation then you have witnessed something which would be nothing less than a miracle. Imagine the very first hair transplant patient who witnessed the hair growth after a period of baldness! Although the results were not as spectacular as they are today, however it is worth looking back at the History of Hair Transplantation.

As you will learn more by exploring this site, you will come to realize the benefits of the most modern, effective and efficient Direct Motorized FUE Technique of hair transplantation which is the hallmark of Dubai Cosmetic Surgery. To give you the most natural results our surgeons have perfected this technique to an art form.

It all started with The Plug Method of Hair Transplantation. The transplanted grafts looked more like bushes because of their large size but they were better than no hair. Frustrated with this “Barbie doll” appearance, hair transplant surgeons came up with the “micro” and “mini” grafts harvested from the strip taken from the back of the head–”The Strip Method of Hair Transplantation” virtually revolutionized the field of Hair Transplantation.

Millions of men and some women enjoyed the benefits of the of the break through strip method, however the scar at the back of the head, the numbness at the top of the head and pain from the scar and sutures after the procedure continued to discourage many from having the hair transplantation.

History repeated itself and the punches were brought into the field again–but with smaller sizes. The technique had to be precise in this to extract units of follicles in this improved technique–The Manual FUE Technique avoided the scar at the back of the head and the pain, however the method remained slow and cumbersome as only a few hundred grafts could be harvested in a whole day of work.

It was not till the Direct Motorized FUE Technique came into being that large number of grafts could be placed in a single day without the scar, bleeding, numbness and pain. The small size of the grafts made it possible to place the grafts close together to give a dense natural look.

As you must have realized by now that the direct motorized technique of hair transplantation requires qualifications, training and experience. It is detail oriented and each step must be executed with utmost perfection. The Cost of Direct Motorized FUE Hair Transplantation will obviously be more than what will be reasonable fee for ta strip method hair transplantation where the surgeons time is not more than hour to hour and a half. If you will consider the comfort during the procedure, minimal to no side effects and superior results from the advanced direct motorized FUE technique then you yourself will be convinced that it is worth the additional fee.

For a complete evaluation of your own hair loss or someone you know, please fill up the free online consultation form and we will send you our assessment of the fee, the number of grafts needed to cover the bald area and what kind of results you should expect.

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