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Hair Transplant Dubai

Fue Hair Transplant

Fue Hair Transplant

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is an advanced technique used for Hair Transplant in Dubai. FUE Hair transplant involves extracting hair follicles one by one, using a small punching tool, and then relocating them to the frontal area of the scalp where hair no longer grows.

Strip Method Transplant

Strip Method Transplant

Strip method transplant, also called The Follicular Unit Transplant involves removal of follicles or grafts in the form of a linear strip from the donor area. This strip is then divided into small grafts under stereo-microscope before implanting into the bald or balding areas on scalp.

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Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem cell hair transplant is a new kind of hair transplant, which is very beneficial to regrow hair in the bald area. The treatment is not a surgical procedure, it is done by taking grafts from donor area that are placed in recipient area.

About Hair Transplant Dubai

What is Hair Transplant?

Wondering what is hair transplant? Or, how does it actually work? Hair transplant is a hair restoration process performed on adult men and women of all ages who have significant hair loss, hair thinning or bald spots. There are two major types of hair transplant depending on the extraction of graft strips or follicle units from the donor area. The first one is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) while the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The latter is the most advanced technique that promises natural results with no linear scarring or stitching.

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What Causes Baldness?

Do you feel vitamin deficiencies are the real culprit behind the bald spots on your scalp? No, it's dandruff, right? Or, may be excessive hat wearing is causing hairless patches on your scalp? All these are the theories of past and have been disproved by latest studies. Vitamin deficiencies and dandruff alone cannot cause hair loss to the extent of baldness. It is also a wrong perception that your maternal granddad's hair pattern determines your hair loss pattern. There are three primary causes of baldness, aging, hormonal changes and family history of baldness, and you need to consider all of them before blaming anything else for excessive hair loss.

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Hair Transplant Procedure

Both FUT and FUE hair transplant are performed in clinic on an outpatient basis with local anesthesia and sometimes mild sedation as well. Hair transplant surgery involves taking small strips of hair, composite grafts, from the donor site and relocating them to the frontal area of the scalp where hair no longer grows. Transplanted hair not only survive and grow but also follow the growth pattern of the patient’s existing hair. Semi-permeable dressing is used to cover the treated area for seepage of blood and tissue fluid. View More

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Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

Are you planning to undergo hair transplant in Dubai? Cost of hair transplant in Dubai varies significantly from one physician to another depending on the technique being used and the surgical skills of the person performing the procedure. Generally the cost of FUE hair transplants can range between US $4 per graft to US $15 per graft. Cost of FUT hair transplant, on the other hand, can range between US $2 and US $10 per graft. Some clinics also offer discount for larger number of grafts, but you need to discuss this during initial consultation.

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Treatment for Best Results

Hair transplant does not promise an instant head of hair, but it is probably the most effective hair restoration process that offers guaranteed hair growth. There are several factors that will influence the appearance of grafted hairline. These include grafts measurement, the texture and density of composite grafts, the experience and surgical skills of the person performing the procedure. A successfully performed hair transplant surgery gives you a natural looking hairline with right hair density.

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Our Team

Hair Transplant Dubai, UAE brings you the expertise of highly qualified, board-certified hair transplant surgeons both in Dubai. Our specialists have significant experience in both FUT and FUE hair transplant.

Besides helping people improve their physical appearance through different skin rejuvenating procedures and various reconstructive and restorative surgeries, Hair Transplant Dubai also aims to help hair loss victims with the best quality services.

Hair Transplant Dubai is a multispecialty cosmetic surgery clinic that was established under Dubai Cosmetic Surgery Dubai in 2004 by Dr. Farhat Bukhari (late), with an aim of helping you look and feel your best. Over the last decade we have helped thousands of clients achieve their beauty goals and regain their confidence through various reconstructive and restorative plastic surgeries.

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