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Which Hair Replacement Gives More Natural Results

Hair Replacement Systems

Hair fall is a big problem which troubles a lot of people around the globe. In yesteryear, there were limited options such as weird toupees to cover a bald head which most people avoided. Now there are tons options which a person can make use of to get the hair back and do so in a very much aesthetically pleasing manner.

These options include various kinds of transplants as well as hair replacement systems. If done properly, they all look fantastic. But the question is that which one gives the most natural look. We will dig deeper to get the answer to that question.

Hair Replacement SystemHair Replacement Systems

It is the fastest way to get the hair back. An artificial scalp that has hair on it is placed on the head with the help of a special adhesive material. It instantly gets rid of the entire bald areas of the head. The look gets young instantly. The change is sudden and it does look strange for a while, even for the person who gets it done. In the longer run, it looks well if the hair on the scalp are not overly dense which can look artificial. The hair also tend to look tired after sometime.

FUT MethodFollicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

Also called the strip method, a strip of hair follicles is cut from the donor site, generally the back of the head. Once the strip is cut, it is cut into smaller groups of follicles to be transplanted. These hair are then placed into incisions at the receiving site. The hair grow completely in about 12 to 18 months. The procedure leaves a linear scar at the back of the head so one has to keep somewhat longer hair to cover that. The overall look generally is natural but it is important that the surgeon carefully plans the coverage so that it looks natural.

FUE MethodFollicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE is one of the more modern approaches of hair transplant. The major difference in it from the strip method is that the extraction of follicles is done in a manner that no linear scars are left at the donor site. This allows people to keep hair shorter which is a big plus. The percentage of loss of follicles in the transplant is quite low.

Stem Cell Hair TransplantStem Cell FUE

It is also known as the Direct Automated FUE. Its greatest advantage is the speed and precision with which the hair transplant is done. Up to 4000 grafts can be done in a single session. Due to the quick nature of transplant, the failure rate of the transplanted follicles is almost absent and thus the intended results can be had. There is no scarring left which makes the deal even sweeter.

Stem Cell FUE gives the best natural results as it produces result as per the original plan and almost no follicles fail to grow after the transplant. With good planning, a fantastic natural look can be had.

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