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Top 6 Misconceptions about Hair Transplant

hair transplant misconceptions

Every treatment on this planet earth has its own share of myths and facts, and hair transplant is no different. Despite being the finest hair restoration method, hair transplant is often surrounded by myths and misconceptions. There are numerous misconceptions associated with the procedure, and most of the times these myths deter patients from undergoing hair transplant surgery. But these myths and misconceptions should not mislead you. If you are also planning to undergo hair transplant surgery and are not sure which rumors to believe and which not to, stop worrying. You have come to the right place. Here are Top 6 Misconceptions about Hair Transplant that you must know.

Misconception # 1: If you are not sure whether hair transplant is right for you or not, you can try it on a small bald patch for test purpose.

Reality: There is nothing like patch test in case of hair transplant surgery. It is a onetime procedure that gives permanent results. If after getting the surgery you feel like it is not the procedure for you, it is too late. Therefore, always do your research, think twice, thrice and four times, discuss with your doctor and if you are convinced, only then opt for the surgery.

Misconception # 2: Your doctor can assess donor hair supply just by looking at the donor area.

Reality: A hair transplant surgeons considers several factors while evaluating an individual for donor hair supply. Densitometer is a specially designed instrument that hair transplant surgeons use to closely examine different sections of scalp and determine hair density there. Scalp laxity is also considered while deciding which technique should be used. And this can’t be decided by merely looking at the scalp.

Misconception # 3: Transplanting large number of grafts in one session gives best results.

Reality: Transplanting larger number of grafts helps minimize donor scarring and also produces natural looking results, but at the same time transplanting hair on a larger area also carries the risk of less than optimal growth. Use our graft calculator to get a fair idea of number of grafts that you may need for transplant, based on your hair loss pattern.

Misconception # 4: When large numbers of grafts are transplanted, the follicles don’t get enough blood supply for optimal growth.

Reality: This is nothing more than a myth. Blood supply to the scalp comes from all directions and is sufficient enough to sustain thousands of newly implanted hair follicles. Nevertheless, there are several factors that the surgeons must consider during plantation phase. For example, placing grafts too close together, or using too large grafts can result in poor growth. Also, smoking, drinking and sun exposure significantly affect blood supply to the scalp by constricting the blood vessels, thereby affecting the ultimate outcome of the growth rate of newly transplanted grafts.

Misconception # 5: Hair transplants at younger age are more successful.

Reality: The reality is that chances of success and patient satisfaction are greater in older patients as compared to the young ones. Wondering why? This is because in young patients hair loss is expected to progress even after transplantation, resulting in unnatural patterns. Besides that, at this stage hair loss pattern is also unpredictable.

Misconception # 6: Get a hair transplant as soon as the hair loss begins, as no one will notice.

Reality: If the hair transplant is done too early, it will be waste of time as well as money, as the hair loss will progress over the time. As far as it is the case with hair transplant becoming notable, the procedure does not grow hair overnight. In fact it grows hair gradually and usually takes up to a year to mature. Therefore, no one will be able to notice that you have had a hair transplant.


If you still have any queries or misconceptions about hair transplant, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION now for expert advice.

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