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Solutions for treating scaring after cicatrical alopecia


Cicatrical alopecia, commonly known as scarring alopecia is a type of hair loss in which an individual permanently loses hair follicles with formation of a scar tissue on scalp. Your scalp is left with tiny circular scars.


Conditions responsible for cicatrical alopecia


Multiple medical conditions are responsible for cicatrical alopecia which includes:

  • Dissecting cellulites
  • eosinophilic pustular folliculitis
  • folliculitis decalvans
  • Follicular degeneration syndrome
  • pseudopelade of Brocq
  • Lichen planopilaris

Other factors responsible for triggering cicatrical alopecia include:

  • Burns
  • Trauma
  • Radiation
  • Surgery
  • Scalp infections


Unfortunately, this type of hair loss is permanent and non surgical solutions are not enough to treat cicatrical alopecia. The only way to permanently treat this type of hair loss and minimize scaring is via hair transplant in dubai.


PRP therapy as a solution to scarring


There are some concerns which must be kept in mind while choosing hair transplant in Dubai as the only option to cure hair loss. After hair transplant, scalp experiences reduced blood flow which can hinder in the healing of scars. To counter the effect of scars, whether it’s due to hair transplant surgery or cicatrical alopecia, surgeons often use platelet rich plasma therapy along with the transplant. It is also known as vampire treatment and is used in combination with hair transplant surgery. This therapy will promote the blood flow to the scalp and along with aiding hair growth will also help to heal scar tissues. The growth factors of PRP treatment encourage development of new blood vessels along with the growth of hair.




After getting a hair transplant and PRP for treating your bald areas, one can further diminish the appearance of the scar tissues by using scalp micropigmentation treatment. Scalp micropigmentation treatment has no direct effect on your scars. It creates the appearance of micro hairs on the scalp. Along with making your hair appear thicker, it will also camouflage any scars that are left on your scalp.


Using FUE hair transplant in Dubai


If you are suffering from any type of alopecia and want to undergo hair transplant, it is better to chooses Follicular Unit Extraction as the ultimate hair transplant procedure instead of follicular unit transplant. Follicular unit transplant comes with the benefit of maximum number of transplantation of grafts in a single session but it comes with the side effect of linear scaring. It is better to choose follicular unit extraction as it is a scar free procedure. You can resume your daily activities, a day after the surgery and can completely heal in a matter of a month. It will provide natural looking results that are permanent.


What if you are suffering from a linear scar by FUT hair transplant?


Linear scaring comes as the most common side effect of strip removal method or FUT hair transplant in Dubai. To minimize the scaring, surgeons prefer performing a scalp micropigmentation treatment on the area, from where strip is removed. This treatment will create an appearance of tiny, shaved hair on the scalp which will diminish the appearance of linear scar. Linear scaring is not much of a problem if you wear your hair long. However if you are someone who prefers to experiment with their hair styles and wear cropped look, then you might consider getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment in Dubai.


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