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Laser Light Therapy for Hair Loss

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Are you seeking an effective but non-surgical solution for hair loss? Laser light therapy for hair loss may be worth considering. It is a virtually non-invasive, painless hair regrowth procedure that you can benefit from in the comfort of your house as well. It is an FDA-approved non-surgical hair restoration technique that has been around since early 2000. But FDA’s approval does not guarantee the efficacy of Low Level Laser Treatments for Hair loss. It got approval primarily because although it did not show any significant improvement in hair loss, it was not harmful to use like the hair loss medications, Minoxidil and Finasteride.

How Laser Light Therapy For Hair Loss Works?

The procedure uses a device that emits laser beams. These low intensity laser beams penetrate into the scalp targeting not only the miniaturized hair follicles, but it also stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. This enhanced blood circulation consequently stimulates metabolism in catagen follicles, encouraging the follicles to grow hairs. Efficient blood supply also means efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots. Studies have shown that laser therapy also helps prevent excessive build up of Dihydrotestosterone, the primary cause of androgenic hair loss.

Disadvantages of Low Level Laser Treatments For Hair Loss:

Laser light therapy for hair loss is without any doubt a scarless and painless treatment, but has some disadvantages as well that make it a least preferred choice of many. One major disadvantage of laser light therapy is that you will have to be extremely patient for up to a year to see if your dormant hair follicles have really responded to the laser treatment or not. There is a possibility that at the end of the day you realize that your hair follicles have not responded to the treatment at all. This can be extremely frustrating, especially after spending a hefty amount on the treatment and patiently waiting for about a year.

Hair Transplant Surgery – An Effective Alternative:

If you want to avoid this frustration, always play safe by opting for procedures that at least assure you some chances of success. Hair Transplant Surgery is one procedure that assures you that it would not be a total failure. You will grow most of the transplanted hairs, if not all. It also wants you to wait for up to a year before seeing the final results of the surgery, but the effect of surgery starts becoming obvious after 5th or 6th month. Most of the patients have shown up to 60% of the total growth after 6 to 8 months. So, you will be at least aware of the progress of your hair growth, post hair transplant.


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