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Jude Law is no longer Bald Now


From wearing a beanie for 3 months to showcasing his receding hairline at the Parisian premiere of Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows, Jude Law has been talk of the town. Receding hairline is not new for Jude Law, he has clearly shown early signs since the days of his big screen debut which goes as far back as the year 1994. Jude Law’s hair line has been consistently receding for about 17 years until it became extremely obvious at the premiere. But Jude has decided to act upon this fuss in Hollywood regarding his hair.

Jude looks cooler than ever

People around Jude Law must be quite jealous of him as he is looking handsome than ever.  Jude Law showcased a fuller head of hair along with his smug personality at the Toronto film Festival and o boy! He looks cooler than ever. It’s not that he didn’t looked great before, but the new hair acquired by him only adds to the charm of his personality. Rumors were flying about Jude Law hair transplant as soon as he was caught on the camera. Let’s take a closer look at Jude Law’s possible hair transplant.

Earlier suggestions

Jude has been criticized for his receding hairline for a long time now. Many experts suggested him to go for hair transplant. Some suggested that he could have prevented it earlier by taking medications as he has always shown signs of baldness. A hair transplant surgeon suggested him that if he want to avoid going completely bald, he needs to do a Rooney. He also suggested Jude to get a hair transplant done. The surgeon, Asim Shahmalak suggestion became talk of the town.

Let’s explore our options

After Jude was seen in all his luster and glory last night, there are numerous expected rumors of how Jude has achieved a fuller head of glossy curls in places that were bald a few days ago. And we are quite settled on that.

  1. First and foremost is Jude Law hair transplant. No one absolutely no one can deny the possibility of hair transplant. It is evident from Jude Law’s lustrous hair that he has undergone a hair transplant surgery
  2. A great angle. I know it is hard to believe but it could be a very good angle. A great angle indeed.
  3. He met a wizard and the wizard asked him for any wish. And our beloved Jude asked for his newly acquired curly head of hair.

You guys can work it out for yourself which reasons suit the new Jude Law best.

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