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Choosing the Right Hair Dye Color

How to Choose the Right Hair Dye Color

Different shades on your hair can help you achieve a different and trendy look. It doesn’t matter whether you are a brunette, blonde or red haired; try different hair colours to test out different looks. Look for different hues in different hair colours to figure out the right kind of shade for yourself.

Creamy Yellow

Kate Upton


Just like Kate Upton, you can use the creamy yellow colour even though the name sounds ridiculous. This shade is equivalent to lightest golden in different boxes of hair colours that are available at the cosmetic store.

Light Brown with Blonde

Jennifer Lawrence


The Hunger Games queen, Jennifer Lawrence mixes light brown with blonde in case you think that the shade sounds difficult to pull off. In order to remain in style, you can also only add light brown with blonde as a contrast. You might want to change it in the start, but the shade will grow on you.

Champagne Red

jessica chastain


Jessica Chastain is the lady who has been working fine with champagne red hair colour for the longest of times. You just need to know how to remain in style despite the hair colour. Copper and strawberry are the other two names for this hair colour.

Cinnamon Strands

christina hendricks


Women with red hair can easily pull this look off. In fact, the beautiful Christina Hendricks has worked out the problems with her hair and she has managed to pull this look off perfectly. This will take out the vibrant red colour on your hair.

Medium Chocolate Brown

Jessica Alba


The charming Jessica Alba has often surprised us with the different hair colours she tries out; but this one is definitely the best hair colour yet – Medium Chocolate Brown. It has a soft fade to it with a caramel-based light colour. On the shelf you can look for medium to light brown colour.

Brown with Accents

Michelle Trachtenberg


Oh yes, that is the gorgeous Michelle Trachtenberg who has pulled the deep brown hair look off. Some women believe that is looks too goth for their taste, but that’s not true. If you add up a little reddish cast to this shade, you actually tend to take out the perfect colour. While trying to find this shade, look for deep brown or auburn.


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