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Hair Transplant for Men at a Younger Age

Hair Transplant in Men

Hair loss can occur to anyone at any age. In fact, hair loss in younger men is more common than you may think. Usually, hair transplant surgeons advise younger people to wait for few years before getting a transplant. However, many surgeons don’t give a second thought to the age of the person and give them a date for the procedure. The question arises, what is the appropriate age to get a hair transplant? We will explain the answer to this question in the following lines.

The patients in their early 20s are healthier than the patients in their 30s, 40s, and 50s. Healthier patient means quick recovery and less chance of complications. Then why do surgeons show reluctance to operate on younger patients?The surgeons have the following concerns when younger patients, less than 25 years, come to them for a transplant.

Hair loss severity

The first thing surgeon looks at the patient is the severity of hair loss. More hair loss does not necessarily mean the suitability for a hair transplant. If a patient has lost a lot of hair before 25, he is expected to lose a lot more in coming years. In this scenario, it is critical to use his limited donor hair supply very wisely.

Planning for future hair loss

Future hair loss is the most important concern for surgeons when considering a hair transplant in men under 25. However, there are many situations where the hair loss is due to some disease, medication, traction, or other temporary cause. If the surgeon finds that the hair loss treatment  is temporary, he can confidently plan a hair transplant even if the patient is less than 25.

Use of body hair

Relatively newer FUE Hair Transplant technique can extract hair follicles from almost any part of the body where hair follicles are present. These body hairs can be effectively combined with donor hairs from the head to create a fuller look. It significantly reduces the surgeon’s worry of not having enough donor hair at a later stage in the patient’s life.

As it is clear now, there is nothing wrong with doing hair transplant in younger men. The only concern is “future”. What if the patient continues to lose hair and goes completely bald in 10-15 years. If the surgeon can plan the future hair restoration, it is absolutely okay to have a transplant at any age.

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