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Hair Restoration vs Hair Transplant


The field of dermatologist is the one where several people would intervene and act as if they are the experts at handling things. Rather than working on people’s advice, it is better if you visit a professional who actually knows about your problem and fully understands it.

Hair restoration and hair transplant are two different practices in the world of dermatology. In order to fully understand when and why you will require any of the two, let’s fully discuss the difference between these two.

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Hair Restoration

It includes the medical and surgical treatment of different forms of hair loss. In this case you can treat hair loss through two different ways; either medically or with the help of a surgery.

Medical Hair Restoration

In the case of medical restoration of hair, Minoxidil is often approved for treatment. Whether men or women, they are both treated with this medicine.

Surgical Restoration

This is considered to be a permanent solution to move hair to the balding area of the head. This method has evolved over the years. During the process, the surgeon takes the follicular units and moves them to the area where there is baldness.

When should you opt for Hair Restoration?


  • Consider hair restoration when you want a positive change over a gradual period of time.
  • You have extreme hair loss, which means that the donor side has less donor grafts.
  • You want control over the look and style of your hair.
  • You want your hair to be thicker than what they were when the hair loss began.
  • You have a profession where your hair are highly visible.

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is a surgical technique which is somewhat like the surgical restoration of hair that has been mentioned above. The donor side of the patient gives follicles to the side that is experiencing baldness. It is a four step process.

Pre-operative Assessment and Planning

This is the initial consultation with the dermatologist. Here the patient and the doctor decide whether surgery is required or not in the first place. Most cases of baldness can easily be sorted out with the help of medicines.


A local anaesthesia is given to the patient and it lasts for about six hours. Here the harvesting of follicles is done. There are two ways to do this:

Strip Excision Harvesting

Follicular Unit Extraction

Post-operative Care

After the surgery has taken place, a post-operative care is to be taken. There are certain side effects such as ‘shock loss’ where all the transplanted hair fall down. They eventually grow after a few months. In case they don’t, medicines are given to the patients to deal with the problem.

When should you opt for Hair Transplantation?

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  • You want an all-natural solution for your hair.
  • You have a moderate loss of hair.
  • You want dramatic results.
  • You prefer your own hair and do not care about having less styling options.
  • You are okay with higher costs for hair treatment.

If you want to know which of the two will suit you, we advise you that you should consult an expert. We are willing to give you free consultation for the first time. Simply fill the free consultation form below.

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