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Best Hair loss treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

According to experts, shedding about a 100 hair strands everyday is a part of natural hair growth cycle. Problem arises when you begin to lose more than 100 hair strands in a day. Are you struggling with hair shedding or baldness? You have tried everything and eventually decided to succumb to the situation. Hold on, you need to trust state of art technology and advancements made in hair regrowth treatments. If you don’t want to undergo surgical procedures, then selecting an appropriate hair loss treatment Abu Dhabi is the best decision you can take for your hair.

Multiple hair loss treatments are available these days. Not all of them are best suited for your particular hair fall condition. Some treatments can actually worsen the condition of your hair instead of bettering it.  It is important to consider the best of treatments for bettering the condition of your hair and scalp. An ideal non hair loss treatment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi must be effective, affordable and must not have any side effects.  Mentioned below are the most effective hair loss treatments for curing hair loss and baldness.

ACell/PRP hair loss therapy

ACell/PRP hair loss treatment is an advancement of simple PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. Extracellular Matrix technology of ACell is FDA approved and allows regenerating damaged hair follicles which promotes hair growth.  PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy involves obtaining a yellowish serum from one’s own blood. The serum helps miniaturized hair follicles become healthier and stimulate hair growth. These two techniques are used in combination with each other helps to strengthen damaged hair follicles and trigger hair growth.


Procedure involves administrating local anesthesia to ones scalp.  Injections of ACell/ PRP are administered to the scalp experiencing hair thinning. Generally the entire procedure is completed in about ninety minutes and an individual can resume his daily activities one or two hours after the procedure.


Results observed are extremely heartening. A marked improvement in the thickness of one’s hair can be observed in a period of six months.  It does not require day to day maintenance and clinic visits. However, one might need multiple sessions for maintaining and enhancing the thickness of hair.

Mesotherapy hair loss treatment

Mesotherapy involves injecting a nutrient dense solution into mesoderm (second layer of skin). It is a non surgical procedure for stimulating hair follicles based on injections comprising of a chemical cocktail. The chemical cocktail used for stimulating hair growth is comprised of various minerals, pharmaceuticals, vitamins and enzymes tailored to patient’s requirements.


It is a simple procedure completed in a total of 20 minutes or less. Surgeon prepares an emulsion suited to a patient’s needs and administers it via multiple injections. Usually, an injection gun is utilized but it can be done manually as well. Usually the procedure is accompanied by slight discomfort and does not require anesthesia. You can immediately resume your daily activities afterwards.


Mesotherapy involves multiple sessions (usually 5 sessions) over a course of four to six months before significant improvement in volume of hair is seen. However number of sessions may vary from person to person and results can also vary significantly.




PRP hair loss therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss treatment Abu Dhabi is the most widely excepted treatment. A serum is obtained from an individual’s blood.  PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) works by stimulating adult stem cells present in the scalp.  Activated stem cells trigger hair growth.


Initially a blood sample in required, afterwards blood is centrifuged to separate platelet rich plasma (yellowish serum) from red blood cells. Local anesthesia is administered to the scalp and PRP is administered to the scalp via injections. The entire procedure usually takes anywhere between 90 to 120 minutes.


It is a minimally invasive procedure and requires only 12 hours to resume daily activities. You might experience sore and tender scalp for about 48 hours but it won’t hinder any of your daily activities. Results begin to show after a period of 2 months. However, to see complete results, it can take up to 4 months.

SMP hair loss treatment

SMP or Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is slightly different from other hair loss treatments in Abu Dhabi. It does not stop hair fall, neither does it promote hair growth. It involves injecting a pigment to the dermal layer to replicate the appearance of micro hairs. It helps to create appearance of hair on the areas which have permanently lost ability to grow hair by any non surgical means.


The procedure involves selecting the right shade of pigment to ensure natural looking results. Local anesthesia is administered to the patients. It involves administering the pigments to the dermal layer of the skin using multitude of different needle sizes. Varying penetration depths are utilized to ensure natural looking results.


The result is replicated appearance of micro hairs. You do not gain actual hair or stop hair fall, rather you achieve a cropped look. You can achieve the exact hair line and hair density which you have always desired. It takes two to three sessions in order to achieve desired results.

People in UAE often assume that hair transplant in dubai is the only permanent solution to hair loss.  While it is true in most cases, not everyone is an ideal candidate for hair transplant. Many individuals suffer from scalp infections, don’t have sufficient supply of donor hair or experience over all thinning. In either of these cases, a person cannot undergo hair transplant. Non surgical hair loss treatment clinics in Abu Dhabi usually comes as a savior for people who are not ideal candidates for hair transplant or fear surgical procedures. They provide effective results with minimal downtime and recovery period.

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