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Hair Loss Products and Treatments for Men

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Men often complain at the start of their 30’s that they are losing a lot of hair. It is quite normal if you have been slacking in terms of routine and using different chemicals on your head. There is only a certain amount of pressure which your scalp can take and then it damages your hair follicles and then there is a huge possibility that you might start losing your hair.

Well, don’t worry. If you haven’t started getting bald, there is always a chance that you can work your way up. In fact, even during the start of your hair loss, you can consult a good doctor and he/she can help you out with the perfect solution. Obviously, in case there is absolutely no point of return, you will be advised to go through a hair transplant.

Let’s take a look at a few ways through which you can treat your hair loss.


Healthy diet is absolutely necessary. If you want your hair to remain intact and stay healthy, then you must always stay healthy yourself. Start eating healthy diet. Of course, fast foods are not advised. Eat fish, meet, beef as they contain certain elements which are quite necessary for your hair loss problems. They will aid you in strengthening your hair. Eat protein-rich foods as they tend to make your hair thicker.

Using Nioxin Shampoo

Nioxin is a hair care product which many disregard. But the truth is that it actually works. It is a product that aims at fighting hair loss. However, the truth is that there is not a single shampoo in the world that can stop hair loss. However, it can slow the process down.

Laser Light Therapy

Certain laser light products such as Hair Max Laser Comb can be used to stimulate the blood flow in your scalp. That is eventually going to help your hair grow and appear thicker. Don’t expect extremely drastic results, but this does help in stimulating blood flow under your hair follicles.

Hair Replacement Surgery

This is considered to be one of the last resorts. It is going to give you a permanent solution and you will not regret taking the decision if you visit the right dermatologist. If you have lost significant amount of hair and have reached a point of no return, well then the doctor will suggest a surgery.


This particular brand claims that it can help you reproduce hair. Obviously it is a drug and there is always a chance that you might have certain side-effects.

Therefore, whenever you are experiencing hair loss problems, don’t ignore them. There is a possibility that you might go bald. It is advised that you meet up with experienced dermatologists. Hair Transplant Dubai has a team of experts and you can meet up with them by filling out the free consultation form given below.

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